The Nevers part 2 release date: When will part 2 air?

The Nevers: HBO release trailer for new series

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The Nevers airs on HBO and the popular TV series is made up of 12 episodes. The show follows a group of Victorian men and women with unique and unexplainable powers. has all you need to know about when the second half of the season will be released.

When will The Nevers part 2 air?

The Nevers first aired on HBO on April 11, 2021 and the first season is split into two parts.

The episodes have been airing weekly on Sundays, with the first half of the season due to come to an end on May 16.

All of the episodes so far have been given unique titles, including Pilot, Exposure, Ignition, Undertaking, Hanged and True.

At this moment in time, there does not seem to be a release date for the second half of the season.

HBO announced there was to be a break in the schedule between episodes six and seven due to production issues.

In February 2021, HBO and HBO Max chief content officer Casey Bloys told The Wrap: “And there was kind of a natural narrative break at six.

“So that was the thought then was to air six episodes. So at least we had something to put out there for subscribers and fans.”

Bloys said writers are working through the second batch of scripts right now, so hopefully, fans will not have to wait long.

In March 2021 the series was upped from 10 episodes to 12, with six to air in each half.

Due to the production shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the series had to be split into two.

Hopefully, fans will see the next batch of episodes before the end of 2021.

The official Twitter account for the series gave fans insight into what to expect from the show.

They said: “The Nevers follows in the footsteps of Buffy with a fantastical story & powerful female characters.

“The show is an epic science-fiction drama about a gang of Victorian women who find themselves with unusual abilities, relentless enemies and a mission that might change the world.”

Fans have taken to Twitter to praise the series for its thrilling storylines.

One said: “@HBOTheNevers has had me hooked since the first episode-from casting to wardrobe it is a fantastic joy ride! Looking forward to more!”

Another added: “I have watched EVERY ep of @HBOTheNevers at least 7 times now & Something NEW comes out every time.

“But the REVEAL in the latest EP5 Hanged is MIND BLOWING #HeathLedger #Joker #Vibes EVERY BIT as epic & NEXT LvL diabolical!


The series has been described as “genius” and viewers will be eagerly awaiting the release of part two.

Laura Donnelly plays Amalia True, one of The Touched who can see into the future.

Penance Adair (Ann Skelly) is Amalia’s best friend who can see electrical energy.

Maladie (Amy Manson) is an unstable member of The Touched who is on a killing spree.

All of the cast have received critical acclaim for their portrayals of the well-established characters.

One fan said: “Amy Manson’s performance on the opera scene deserves at least ten awards alone #TheNevers.”

Another said: “Why isn’t everyone talking about #TheNevers!? I need to be validated by seeing other people be as hyped as I am!”

The Nevers airs on HBO and HBO Max. 

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