Whale stranded in Thames as crowds watch mammal 'trapped in Richmond lock'

CROWDS have gathered to watch the rescue of a baby whale who has been stranded in the river Thames.

The infant mammal became trapped in Richmond lock in southwest London  at around 7.30pm this evening.

The whale, usually found in deep waters, is now being checked over by experts who are watching his vitals and spraying him with water as they wait for the arrival of experts.

One witness at the scene, Richard Frank, said: “Seems to be a baby whale stuck by Richmond Lock Bridge… Poor thing. 

“Being looked after by the lock keepers and waiting for experts to arrive.” 

He added: “Not moving a lot, but honestly no idea. 

“At least someone has arrived who looks like they might know what they're doing health wise, but with low tide still to come it looks pretty tough to me.”

Another person said: “This is one very very lost whale. 

“It’s gone through the whole of London to Richmond lock.”

The whale was spotted earlier in the day swimming in the Thames under Barnes Bridge.

Witnesses say the mammal is roughly 6metres in length.

In 2019, a humpback whale named Hessy died in the Thames after being hit by a ship.

The 33ft marine mammal died after getting stuck in the River Thames this week.

Her body was hauled out of the river was hoisted out of the water by a crane.

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