Professional cleaner reveals the hidden places you should be scrubbing – and you've probably forgotten about them

THOUGHT you had everywhere covered when it comes to giving your house a deep clean? Think again, because there's a few awkward spots you've probably forgotten about.

Places like the top of the fridge, hidden nooks in the tumble dryer or in between the glass panels in the oven door can ofter be a little difficult to reach – and should probably be added to your list of jobs to do pronto.

Professional cleaner Vanesa Amaro is best known for sharing her cleaning genius, tips and tricks on TikTok (@vaneamaro91)

She covers everything from how to spruce up your vacuum to how to deep clean your stainless steel sink, but it's her videos that point out all the places in the home that can often get overlooked that are a must-watch.

Here's exactly how to tackle those neglected spots next time you reach for the rubber gloves.

In between the over door

If you thought cleaning just the glass on your oven door was enough, then think again. You can actually get in between the door, with Vanesa sharing a step-by-step guide online to reaching those awkward spots.

She reveals how to remove the drawer from the bottom of your oven and points out the different openings that can be used to clean in between the door.

"Remove the drawer that goes on the bottom of [your oven]. And if you look down here there is an opening," she reveals.

Using a budget cleaning rod she picked up from Amazon, Vanesa sticks it inside the gap, wiping it from side to side to clean the glass on either side.

To buff, she does the same using a microfibre cloth she wraps around a hanger.

"Please tell me I'm not the only one who did NOT know this was a thing," wrote one shocked cleaning fan.

Another viewer said: "I was today years old finding out that we could even access in between the glass."

Underneath the tumble dryer filter

It's not just the filter in your tumble dryer that you need to be de-linting, but the actual slot it fits into will probably be in desperate need of a good clean.

Lint can often build-up in there too and it can be a trap for dirt, with Vanesa swearing by a hose-like vacuum attachment (£10.99, Amazon) to clean hers.

Once she's giving it a once over, she then dives in with disinfectant spray and a sponge to remove any stairs, before wiping it over with a clean cloth.

On top of the fridge

Forgetting about cleaning the top of your fridge is something we're probably all guilty of.

It's definitely not on the top of our to-do list, but Vanesa insists it should be as it's a magnet for dust and can quickly build-up over time.

"One of the most neglected places in the house is the top of the fridge," she reveals. "So this is your reminder, grab your feather duster and clean away the excess dust."

She then recommends grabbing your "cleaner of choice" and wiping over the top to leave it dirt-free.

Wipe down doors

Again, the doors in your home probably don't get as much TLC as they deserve and over time, it's easy for stains and dirt to build up in grooves and on the handles or panels.

"Doors, light switches, door knobs and other things like that tend to get overlooked, but if you think about it, it's some of the things that get touched the most," she points out.

She starts off by using her feather duster to remove any excess dust, before wiping everything down with a multi-purpose cleaner.

Laundry basket liner

If you have a laundry basket that comes with a fabric lining, then you should probably add it to your list of cleaning jobs every once in a while.

Vanesa stresses that people should be cleaning the liner and says: "Can you imagine how many dead skin cells and bacteria is lying around in here?"

To clean it, Vanesa advises just putting it through the washing machine.

Something so simple had been missed by plenty, with one person commenting on her video of things people forget around the house: "Yikes!!! Laundry basket liner!!! Why has that never crossed my mind."

Another said: "Ooh! I've never cleaned the laundry basket."

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