Incredible pics of Disney World's new Star Wars hotel coming 2022 – with lightsaber training and live shows on the ship

DISNEY World's exciting new Star Wars hotel is opening next year – and guests can finally

The Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is an interactive experience, which includes a two-day, two-night adventure.

Being labelled as the "first of its kind," guests will be able to become the hero of their own unique storyline while staying on the Halycon starcruiser.

It is located at the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and was projected to open this year although has been delayed.

Throughout the stay, guests will be able to personalise their adventure by how they interact with characters and crew.

Different decisions will mean the storylines play out differently, meaning a new experience every time you stay.

On arrival, guests will enter a "launch pod" into hyperspace before entering the ship's main atrium.

Characters along the way include the "charismatic and strong captain and plucky mechanic" as well as members of the Resistance.

Onboard activities including training to use the lightsaber and the force or learning how to navigate and fight using the ship, while an excursion to Batuu to find the Black Spire Outpost and hidden Resistance base will also be part of the story.

When ready to eat, the Crown of Corellia Dining Room will have breakfast and lunch, while live performances will play out during the dinner service.

The hotel will have 32 regular cabins and two first-class cabins per floor, with rooms for up to five people.

Pictures of the rooms show cabins with a queen-size bed and two bunk beds, with the door resembling a space-ship airlock and "windows" revealing different scenes of space.

While yet to be confirmed, the experience isn't expected to be cheap – previous rumours suggest single standard rooms would start from $3,300 (£2,700), while a cabin of five would be up to $7,200 (£5,900).

While Brits can't head to Disney World yet, due to the US borders being closed to the UK, it is likely that it will be welcoming Brits back from 2022.

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