AirBnB guest can pet a Shetland pony in the master BEDROOM

Meet the neigh-bours! Stable that’s been converted into an AirBnB offers guests the chance to sleep alongside a Shetland pony in the master bedroom

  • Brittany Sparham, 24, converted a stable into an apartment during lockdown 
  • Among the features is a 10-year-old Shetland pony overlooking master bedroom 
  • AirBnB is located in the grounds of a 17th century manor house near Thurgarton 

The owner of a rental accommodation is offering guests the unique opportunity to be joined by a Shetland pony in the master bedroom.

Brittany Sparham, 24, decided to convert a stable into a £143 per night apartment during lockdown.  

The four-person AirBnB located in the grounds of a 60-acre 17th century manor house near Thurgarton, Nottinghamshire, comes with a Shetland pony called Basil that joins guests in the master bedroom.

The 10-year-old roommate is usually quietly sleeping at night, with the only disturbance guests might get is when Basil decides to rub his bottom on the wall. 

Brittany Sparham, 24, is operating an AirBnB located in the grounds of a 60-acre 17th century manor house near Thurgarton, Nottinghamshire. Pictured: Inside the accommodation with Basil in his stable

Brittany converted a stable into an apartment complete with Shetland pony Basil in the master bedroom, during lockdown. Pictured: The accommodation with Basil’s quarters on the left 

Brittany explained Basil doesn’t disturb guest during the night unless he’s rubbing his bottom on the wall. Pictured: Brittany with another horse 

The building has a modern kitchen, swish bathroom and bunk beds, along with an outside terrace and barbecue. 

Basil is sometimes joined by baby lambs, giving guests a very unique stay at the property.    

Operator, Brittany Sparham said: ‘Basil’s stable joins directly onto the bedroom which allows Basil to put his head over the doorway and into the room.

‘Guests can also go into his stable. 

‘Basil’s usually pretty quiet during the night as he’s also sleeping – but occasionally he does like to loudly scratch his bum on the wall.’ 

Basil can poke his head into the bedroom through an opening just metres away from the double bed.

The AirBnB features a modern kitchen, bathroom (pictured) with copper fittings, bunk bed and terrace available to rent for £143 per night 

Most of the animals on the grounds of the property are rescues that are kept for visitors to interact with. Pictured: Inside the accommodation 

I’ll neigh cause any trouble: Brittany said Basil is able to poke his head into the master bedroom and is sometimes joined by baby lambs (pictured)

During the day horse lover Brittany takes Basil out into the paddock with the other animals.

The manor also has a herd of Highland cows, Hebridean sheep, horses, chickens and Norwegian Forest cats.

Most of the animals are rescues that are kept as pets which guests can interact with.

Brittany said: ‘Basil can be really cheeky when he’s out in the paddock with the other horses and wants to play but most of the time.

‘But when he’s in the stable he’s calm and just wants cuddles and fuss.’

The master bedroom, which has stone floors and rustic touches such as antlers on the wall and a ladder, features a double bed and bunk beds and sleeps four people  

Brittany said Basil (pictured) can be ‘really cheeky’ when he’s out in the paddock, however he’s calm when in the stable

Brittany enjoys showing guests the animals and getting them involved in the feeding process. Pictured: Brittany and Basil 

Brittany completed the property conversion in October and has already welcomed guests who enjoyed being around Basil. The conversion has an equestrian theme throughout, with a saddle displayed on the wall of the living area 

Brittany loves showing guests around the animals and getting them involved in the feeding process. 

The unique staycation spot was only finished in October, so Brittany hasn’t been able to welcome many visitors yet.

However, the ones who have managed to come have loved Basil and his cheeky personality.

On AirBnB Jacqui said: ‘This is such a unique and special experience.

AirBnB user Jacqui described her experience of staying at the property as a ‘unique and special experience’. There’s also outdoor seating with a hurricane lantern for warmer evenings 

Jacqui said sitting with Basil was more peaceful and relaxing than going to the spa. Pictured: Brittany with a horse

AirBnB user Samantha, gushed that she and her husband ‘really enjoyed’ their stay at Basil’s barn. Pictured: Brittany on the grounds

‘The experience of being able to sit with Basil in the peace and quiet in the evening – having had a fire outside – was so relaxing and beats any spa.

‘We were grateful for the space, peace and entertainment that Basil brought – somewhere you can really switch off and seriously indulge in the simple things in life.’

Samantha wrote: ‘Basil’s barn is a wonderful place, myself and my partner really enjoyed our stay.

‘My partner and I loved it – just us spending time with the animals.

‘Waking up to Basil in the morning grunting to say: ‘Hello fabulous.’ 

Brittany said Basil enjoys playing about with the other horses (pictured) when he’s out in the paddock 

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