Texas School Board Karen Can't Even Finish Her Anti-Mask Rant Before Getting Arrested!

Karen has hulked the f**k out!!

An anti-mask Texas school board candidate got put right back in her place earlier this month when she was arrested by police in the midst of an anti-mask rant. For real, y’all, this video (below) is WILD!!!

It all went down back on April 7, when two officers from the Sunset Valley Police Department showed up at a Nordstrom Rack store on Brodie Lane in the Texas town. They were responding to a call from employees who claimed a woman tried to enter a changing room without a mask covering her nose and mouth.

According to reports, the woman — later identified as Lake Travis Independent School District board candidate Kara (not Karen, but almost) Bell — allegedly shoved her way past employees and even pulled the ultimate Karen move: calling Nordstrom’s corporate office!

That gambit didn’t work, and as police pulled up outside the store, she engaged them in a verbal altercation caught on the patrol officers’ body cameras.

At one point in what would end up being a nearly five-minute-long lecture, Bell can be heard saying to the police (below):

“I don’t have to identify myself. Actually I don’t. It’s called ‘common law’. You should read up on it.”

And she quickly goes from bad to worse, alleging the Nordstrom employees practiced reverse racism on her by letting a Black person go without wearing a mask:

“There was also another woman without a mask — isn’t that interesting how she only picked me? She only picked me, the white person. Not the Black person wearing a mask. Do you think it’s a racist thing? I don’t know. Well you know what? It kinda seems like it’s a racist thing when the Black woman doesn’t have a mask on, but she comes after the white woman.”

The whole thing goes on… and on… and on… but it gets really good a couple minutes later when Bell dives into what wound up being the last part of her lecture — and she was arrested!

Without warning, the school board wannabe was stopped in the middle of a massively boring missive about God and the CDC, which continued from the last little bits (above) like this:

“I do not. Okay? I am a woman of God. This is much my right, as much as it is yours. This is my land as much as it is yours. I did not sign up for this. I am a Christian woman of God. And you are not going to put your disgusting rules on me, that are false, and not true. I will not have it. You understand that? I will. Not. Have it. I’m sick of being bullied, I’m sick of being lied to, and it’s not going to happen any more. Do you understand? The CDC just released –“

And that’s as far as she got!

Thankfully, the police put a stop to it RIGHT then and there by cuffing her!

Watch the KVUE news report on the ugly incident (below):


More of this, please!

After being handcuffed, Bell was charged with assault and given a citation. A Class C misdemeanor, her citation is punishable by up to a $500 fine. It’s not so much the penalty itself as the sweet, sweet justice of watching her get cuffed, though. Hey, she could have been putting lives at risk with all that heavy ranting without a mask!

Bell’s anti-masking crusade is beyond serious, apparently. According to KVUE, the managers of that Nordstrom store told police that earlier in the day, Bell was part of a group of 10-12 people that targeted shopping there without masks as an attempted protest.

Police chief Lenn Carter was PISSED about that action, saying how the childish anti-mask actions were really putting a strain on his small-town police department:

“If they think they can come here and do that in our city anonymously, they can’t. Our officers should be out there with crime prevention and responding to calls for help, not being used as political pawns or ploys for somebody’s political ambition.”

Unreal! Good for the police chief for calling out the bull s**t when he sees it!

And this woman thinks she deserves to hold a seat on the school board… that kind of behavior shows she’s not qualified for any local political position, that’s for sure.

F**k people like this, for real! The pandemic is seriously very close to nearing its end with as many vaccines as our country is being able to use daily now; can’t you anti-mask people just wait another few weeks before going back to normal life?! As you say yourselves, just STAY HOME if you don’t wanna deal with it!


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