Mum’s ‘shopper docket’ hack sees her save thousands each year through food shop

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A clever mum has shared a money-saving hack which helps her save thousands of pounds each year.

The Australian woman says she shops for discounted items or offers while doing her food shop, and will then transfer whatever amount she saved into a separate account.

After paying for her groceries she will look at her docket and see the amount she'd saved.

The woman then puts exact amount into savings as if it doesn't even exist.

She admits it's a "nice little Christmas bonus" at the end of year as it builds up to thousands.

The woman shared her tip on Facebook and posted a docket from her recent shopping trip.

Overall, she'd saved a total of $27.54 (£15) and transferred this saving into the dedicated "shopping docket account" she has set up.

The woman had started using this method in January 2020 and last year she managed to save a huge $2,500 (£1400).

So far this year, she's already she's saved $799.46 (£440) and plans on using the extra funds at Christmas.

As she shared photos on Facebook, the mum wrote: "I am pretty much rewarding our good choices at the supermarket and it's a great Christmas bonus.

"I love a good budget too and refine ours all the time! Bloody good job if I do say so myself. Hope you all appreciate the tip."

The woman bank allows her to set up multiple accounts which she uses for "everyday basics, mortgage payments, our pay and the shopping dockets saving account."

Other social media users were loving her easy saving tip, with her post racking up 800 likes as many people vowed to try it themselves.

One exclaimed: "Just a fantastic idea, I'm going to start this week. Thanks for sharing."

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