Trust Us, Backless Dresses Are Summer 2021's Biggest Trend

Choose a Multicolor Option to Stand Out

It may be time to turn your back to the world, because backless dresses are one of the biggest trends of the summer. There are countless reasons why we love the trend, but the top reason has to be that it’s just an effortless way to show off some skin. You don’t have to be skeptical about giving this trend a try because of the countless iterations there are to shop. If you’re looking for a sexier option, try an open-back dress that dips low. Looking for a tamer version to rock this season? Why not try one that has delicate straps going across as a subtle detail? You can even opt for one with an asymmetrical cutout, because this silhouette will instantly modernize your favorite frock. As for styling, if you’re confused about how to wear the look, don’t worry because we’ve turned to some of our fashion pros on Instagram to see how they’ve styled it. Plus, we’ve shopped out some of our favorite looks if you’ve decided to give the trend a try.

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