Danielle Busby Updates Fans On Her Battle Against A Mystery Illness

Danielle Busby has a lot on her plate. Not only is she working with her sisters on their line of athleisure wear, CADi, but she’s also a mom of six, and a lead on TLC’s reality show Outdaughtered, focusing on the Busby family (via Distractify). But for a woman constantly on the go, and whose time raising the quinuplets involved, according to The Sun, over 400 diaper changes a week, a new challenge has emerged; one that’s a little harder to tackle straight on. Danielle has been quite open with her social media followers about her health struggles of the last few months, and although she’s been visiting with a number of doctors for a number of alarming symptoms, she’s still no closer to answers than she was before.

Back in November, Danielle’s husband, Adam Busby posted on Instagram about taking Danielle to the hospital for “alarming sensations in her arms and legs.” Danielle recently told US Weekly about the incident that brought her to the ER saying, “I thought I was having a heart attack and then not being able to go up the stairs and just not being able to do my daily normal things,” Danielle shared. “It’s been hard. Once I really started feeling incapable of not being able to breathe or physically can’t pick up something, like, that just became eye-opening to me. Like why does my arms feel numb? And, you know, so just scary in a way.

Patience and prayers as the Busbys continue to look for answers

Per People, the Busbys suspect that an autoimmune disorder may be at the root of Danielle’s struggles. “What I’m learning is that it’s an uphill journey of trying to discover some type of possible autoimmune disease,” she shared. “So it’s not something that’s easily identified. [My] symptoms are so random and so extreme on certain days and like, a little bit more calm or relaxed on other days.”

Over the past few months, Danielle has seen a cardiologist and a rheumatologist to try to find answers for her symptoms, but, as reported by inTouch Weekly, “More tests, lead to more doctors … but still no clear answer at the moment of what’s going on.”

One bright spot was that Danielle went in for a procedure in January, bracing for surgery as a necessary next step, but was told that she didn’t have to go under the knife after all. She thanked her followers for their well wishes on her behalf saying that “I am thanking YOU ALL for the extra prayers because I believe in the POWER of PRAYER and I am certain these prayers helped my outcome.”

According to the UVA Health Blog, it can take an average of six doctors and four years before those suffering from autoimmune disorders get a diagnosis and (hopefully) help for their symptoms, so it’s possible that the Busbys have a long road ahead of them. Though rest is a tall order for a mother of six, we’re hoping she can get some while searching for solutions.

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