Corrie fans left baffled over Leanne Battersby’s coat blunder amid drugs plot

Coronation Street fans were baffled over Leanne Battersby's coat gaffe during Wednesday's second episode.

Twisted Harvey had arrived at Leanne's flat demanding she sell more drugs for him and while he was there, Nick arrived.

Leanne panicked and rushed Harvey into another room before Nick came in, but she failed to notice the drug lords coat on the sofa.

Nick noticed the item of clothing and became very suspicious, but fans were perplexed as they insisted Leanne could have covered her tracks more easily.

Some couldn't believe she hadn't seen the jacket as one viewer tweeted: "As if Leanne didn't see the jacket".

Another penned: "Leanne just STARED at the jacket and did nothing before Nick entered".

Others asked why she didn't tell Nick it was a new garment.

Another penned: "Why didn't she say it was a new jacket?"

At the end of tonight's episode, Leanne went to the police station in a bid to reveal the horror Harvey has been putting her through.

However, the police officer told her her story didn't add up and at the end of the shocking scenes, said he was going to arrest her.

Leanne landed herself into some major trouble after she agreed to sell drugs for evil Harvey in a bid to protect her son, Simon.

Earlier this week, she was given another job by Harvey and asked Nick if she could use his car.

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Her secret drug horror could land Nick in some trouble if police trace the vehicle back to him.

Fans were convinced Nick could be arrested, as one viewer tweeted: "If Leanne ever gets arrested on a drug run, the car is going to get traced back to Nick, so chances are he'll be arrested for drug running as well because it's his car."

A second wrote: "Leanne's going to use Nicks car to run drug drops."

"Leanne will leave drugs in nicks car. He will get the blame. There's the next storyline for the next 6 months sorted," penned a third.

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