Does Julia Michaels Have a Future in Professional Makeup?

Welcome to Turn the Beat Around, where we have celebs go full Freaky Friday with their makeup artists. That means they hop into the artist’s chair, and MUAs get a face beat from their high-profile clients. It seems just as intimidating as cooking dinner for Gordon Ramsey. In today’s episode, we had ‘Issues’ singer, Julia Micheals preparing the face of her resident MUA, Rob Scheppy.

Julia met Rob at Coachella way back in 2018, and they’ve evidently grown very close since. I’m not sure Rob would’ve trusted her with his face otherwise. But let’s not underestimate Julia’s skills, ’cause she actually was her own makeup artist for a while! Granted, she admitted that there was a heavy reliance on glitter and face stickers during that era. Call it an artistic vision.

For Rob, Julia opted to recreate the look he gave her for the ‘Lie Like This’ cover, which was pretty 🔥:

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