‘Chicago Med’: Halstead Makes a Move and Choi Puts His Life in Jeopardy

The Chicago Med team continues to fight personal battles while attempting to do their jobs each week. A lot has been happening with Halstead, Choi, Maggie, and the rest of the department. Here’s what happened last time on Chicago Med.

Dr. Halstead’s dedication to his clinical trial clouds his judgment

During Chicago Med Season 6, Episode 7 (titled “Better is the Enemy of Good”), Dr. Will Halstead is more focused on his clinical drug trial than his work at the hospital. This was evident when one of his trial patients became ill. The only way he could find out if his patient was on the medication or if she was in the control group was to run a blood test and check.

Halstead was supposed to alert the drug company before he did this. However, if he let them know, the trial could be paused or shut down completely. Halstead decides to have the patient’s blood test done at an outside lab so no one will know what he’s doing.

Will there be a romance between Will and Dr. Virani?

Dr. Sabeena Virani, another doctor heading the clinical trial, caught Will’s eye. After Will successfully identifies his patient’s illness, he decides to ask Sabeena out. It seems like he was initially going to tell her what he did with the patient’s blood test, but he changed his mind and asked her to dinner. We think it’s a matter of time before she discovers what he did.

Maggie gets help for Auggie

Maggie finally finds a donor for Auggie. Since only a family member can sign off on Auggie’s transplant, Maggie and Ben decide to adopt him. They later find out that Auggie has a brother in California named Keshawn. His adoptive parents, Maxine and Antoine Carter, want to arrange for Auggie to meet the boy. Maggie and Ben agree to the meeting, but they seem hesitant. Will the adoption agency decide Auggie is better off with his brother?

Natalie and Crockett get closer

Crockett is having a difficult time with the death of his daughter. It has been 10 years since she died, but he’s still struggling with accepting that she’s gone. Crockett, who is usually not open about his personal life, has been confiding in Natalie about his struggles.

“You remember how I told you my ex-wife, she came to drop something off?” asked Crockett. “Well, it was a box of our daughter’s things. I guess Claire just thought I’d find some joy in the memory, you know? But the thing about it is, I can’t bring myself to. I can’t deal with what’s inside that box. I don’t know why.”   

Natalie seems to understand since she also dealt with loss. Her husband died during combat right before the birth of her son, Owen. Crockett leans on Natalie for support. He even invites her over to his house, and they watch old home videos of his daughter when she was a baby.

Dr. Choi passes out in the emergency department

Choi has been pushing himself so hard that he passes out in the emergency department. It’s later revealed he had gallbladder surgery before going to work. He basically woke up from anesthesia, checked himself out of the hospital, and came right to work.

Dr. Charles and the rest of his colleagues couldn’t believe it. When Sabeena visits Choi’s hospital room, she says he’s one of those “never-say-die types.” She just might be right. However, the hospital administrator steps in and places him on forced sick leave so he can’t do any more damage. A new doctor will join him next time to help reduce his workload. We’re interested to see how it all works out. One thing we know is Choi most likely won’t like having a babysitter.

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