Taylor Swift Files Countersuit Against ‘Evermore’ Theme Park

Taylor Swift is counter-suing a theme park for unlicensed use of her music.

Pitchfork reports that TAS Rights Management, the company that manages Taylor‘s trademark and music rights, has filed a countersuit against the fantasy themed amusement park Evermore in Utah.

Earlier this month, the theme park sued Taylor for copyright infringement over the use of the “Evermore” trademark, which is the name of her ninth studio album.

Taylor‘s team has responded with their own countersuit, which claims that Evermore Park routinely played Taylor‘s music on its grounds “without authorization or license agreement”, according to court documents.

Also included are two letters from the performance rights organization BMI to Evermore Park, from August and September 2019, regarding the use of unlicensed music.

“In the past, letters have been mailed to your attention along with licenses reflecting your music usage fee of $1,728.67 for the period of May, 2019 to December, 2019 only,” one letter says.

“This fee does not include all other unlicensed periods in which you were using music.” The lawsuit specifically references the park’s use of Taylor‘s songs “Love Story,” “You Belong With Me,” and “Bad Blood.”

The suit also adds that starting in 2019, BMI repeatedly tried to reach out to Evermore Park via phone calls, emails, and letters, but TAS’ lawyers claim that the amusement park responded only after they learned that TAS’ countersuit was impending.

TAS is also seeking a court order for Evermore Park to pay enhanced statutory damages for each infringed upon work and performance.

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