The Saweetie x SinfulColors Collection Is A Nail Art-Lover’s Dream

One of the strongest nail art queens herself is letting fans into her nail world, and it’s going to be super icy. Saweetie curated a few nail polish collections for SinfulColors, and considering her nails are always done up to the nines, the rapper is one of the most trustworthy sources, IMHO, when it comes to what’s trendy in nail colors and art. Beyond her initial Essenchills, Sheer Mattes, and Claws collections, Saweetie and SinfulColors have even more plans in mind throughout 2021.

In a recent interview with Allure, the 27-year-old revealed she’s been a fan of SinfulColors for a long time. When she was younger, she said, she would often use SinfulColors to paint one hand with hot pink polish and the other turquoise. Now, her nail art goes above and beyond simple color-blocking. It’s low-key impossible to spot Saweetie without nails a few inches long, bedazzled, and with a vibrant gel shade. And, even if you don’t want to glam up your hands to Saweetie-levels, you can still channel the "Best Friends" rapper with her soon-arriving SinfulColors collaboration.

Saweetie was drawn to SinfulColors because "they’re just regular polish, hella affordable, and sexy," she told the publication. She continued, "The short nail girls need love too. I think they’ll look bomb, and I feel like there’s a color for every girl out there." You’ll be able to shop individual polishes from the Saweetie x SinfulColors Collections at Walmart,, and beginning February 2021. Come March 2021, you’ll be able to shop the collections in six-packs,, and Amazon.

The brand is staying pretty about exactly how many Saweetie-approved nail polishes and accessories fans can look forward to or when the drops will be. "But, every collection will have its own aesthetic, which is bomb, because then people would just keep coming back and back to get this new nail drip," Saweetie told Allure, trying not to reveal too much. "It caters to every season."

For her announcement of the collab, Saweetie shared a photo of her rocking SinfulColor’s Pragmatic ($2, Walmart), a purple shade, and Tutu Thrill ($2, Walmart), a champagne pink color. She used the two colors to create an amazing ombre fade, which is definitely above my pay grade. Keep your eyes peeled for all the cool looks Saweetie creates as these collections keep dropping.

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