Married At First Sight Australia's Cameron almost died in 2004 tsunami and was separated from parents for eight hours

MARRIED At First Sight Australia's Cameron Merchant has revealed how he almost died during the devastating 2004 tsunami in Thailand.

The 35-year-old, who 'married' Jules Robinson, 36, on the Aussie TV experiment, was separated from his parents for eight hours during the terrifying Boxing Day ordeal.

Cameron, who is engaged to Jules and shares baby Oliver with her, has the words "live, love, embrace" tattooed on his arm to remember the horrific day.

The reality star has shared how the life-changing experience saw him separated from parents Russell and Margaret.

Killing over 225,000 people across 14 countries, Cam "feared the worst" for his mum and dad when he couldn't find them at the hotel.

Having frantically looked around the island resort, the star, then just 18 years old, was told to head to an evacuation point alone.

"There were three mountains where all hotel guests were sent," Cam told Australian news outlet 9Honey. "I couldn't see anyone that I knew."

Getting to the third mountain top, Cam was told by the driver he would "have to get off the bus" whether he found his parents or not.

Preparing to face life without his parents, the former professional cricketer was overjoyed to spot his father int he crowd.

"Mum bolted around the corner and she was in tears," he recalled. "I got off the bus and we hugged and kissed and everyone around just applauded."

"It was certainly a special moment and one that definitely changed out lives forever," he added, describing the moment as "magical".

Since then, Cam has tried to "live every moment" as if it was his last, adding that he got the tattoo as a reminder of the difficult day.

"Live is sort of, live your lift the best you can," he explained the meaning of the ink. "Love, love yourself and love others all around you.

"Then embrace, is just embrace every single opportunity and every moment that comes your way."

Cam appeared on Married At First Sight Australia in 2018 – and has gained UK fans as the show airs on E4 almost three years on.

Since the programme, Cam and his 'wife' Jules have gone from strength to strength, now living together and sharing a baby son.

The pair got engaged at the end of the show and married in November 2019 and announced their pregnancy six months later.

Oliver Chase Merchant was born on October 3 last year – and his life has been documented since on the stars' Instagram pages.

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