6 Editors Sound Off on the Black-Owned Lipstick Shades They're Loving Right Now

6 Editors Sound Off on the Black-Owned Lipstick Shades They’re Loving Right Now

While many of us have barely worn makeup in months, we’re still devoted lipstick-lovers over at POPSUGAR, and there’s not a single color in our makeup bags that doesn’t make us feel more powerful after applying it. We’ve tried (and loved) a lot of different formulas in our day, but we’ve noticed that some of our favorite lipstick shades that we’ve been reaching for lately have been from Black-owned brands.

From bright reds to deep burgundies, the great thing about every single one of these shades is that they look amazing on all skin tones, and they’re made with long-lasting, day-to-night formulas that can withstand almost anything, including a greasy meal. In the event that you’re looking to expand your lipstick collection while continuing to support Black-owned brands, read ahead as we sound off on some of the best lipstick shades we’ve tried from Black-owned brands.

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