Casualty review with spoilers: Fenisha gives birth in dramatic scenes

Casualty tonight followed the rule of TV drama that says if you’re pregnant the birth has to happen in the most dramatic way possible, as Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima) gave birth to her baby boy in the middle of a wood before promptly collapsing due to high blood pressure.

At least she had some medically qualified company, though – Ethan (George Rainsford) was able to help verbally but not physically as he’d got his leg stuck in some sort of trap as he rushed to the rescue.

Luckily before Ethan got stuck he’d managed to text Fenisha’s location to Jan (Di Botcher), who appeared with an ambulance and a sturdy pair of scissors to free Ethan from his trap. Everyone got back to the hospital in one piece, though Fenisha’s condition looked a bit precarious for a while.

All of this made Ethan realise that he really could imagine himself as part of a lovely family with Fenisha and their son – but he’s messed her around once too often. Fenisha told him she and the baby could manage quite well without him.

Ethan walked off, once again not taking the chance to explain his situation or plead his case. He really is his own worst enemy. Rash (Neet Mohan), who is currently the only person who knows about Ethan’s Huntington’s diagnosis, is going to have to do some persuasive talking to save that situation.

Meanwhile, Grace Beauchamp (Emily Carey) was back from wherever she’s been. Everyone told her how much she’s grown, but while she might have changed, what never changes is that Connie (Amanda Mealing) always puts her job first.

This meant Grace spent most of the day hanging around the department waiting for her mum, and having traumatic flashbacks to the car accident and helicopter crash in which she’d been so seriously injured previously.

Also back was Faith (Kirsty Mitchell), returning to work after recovering from the injuries she got in the ambulance crash. Dylan (William Beck) was pleased to see her, obviously, and it looked like the tide might be turning in his direction when she agreed to let him cook dinner for her.

But then Lev (Uriel Emil) got all tearful at the sight of Fenisha’s baby being looked after by Connie and the team. It reminded him of when their son Luka was having his cancer treatment, he told Faith.

This led to a conversation in which he once again insisted that his fling with another man had been a mistake and Faith was the one he wanted. And this led to Faith deciding she had to give her marriage one more try. Poor Dylan went off home alone for another night in with his dog.

At least Jacob (Charles Venn) was having better romantic luck, as he and Tina (Adele James) have already moved to the ‘staying overnight’ stage of their relationship.

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