How Kate Middleton Saved Prince William

Prince William has endured a lot of tragedy throughout his life in the royal spotlight, from his parents’ scandalous divorce to Princess Diana being betrayed to his alleged brotherly feud with Prince Harry. Thankfully, the prince who is second in line to the British throne found himself a true life partner when he got engaged to Kate Middleton. The two met in university and weathered through two breakups before getting married in 2011 in what Vogue dubbed one of the most memorable royal weddings in history.

Since their wedding in 2011, William and Kate’s relationship has gone from strength to strength, with the couple now taking on more royal duties in addition to raising their three kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis (via People). William has expressed gratitude for his wife on numerous occasions over the years, telling the BBC in 2015 that he was “very proud of her.”

While it’s normal for a husband to shower his wife with praise, there’s actually more to William’s affection. Scroll down to find out how Kate supported William through his struggles.

Kate Middleton helped Prince William find himself

Shortly after Kate Middleton married into the royal family in 2011, she became one of the most high-profile and well-liked members in the institution — so much so that Queen Elizabeth had already given her a stamp of approval as a future queen consort (via Fox News). But apart from her likeability and work ethic, Kate has helped Prince William overcome his childhood traumas and made him a happier person.

According to royal expert and author of Harry: Biography of a Prince Angela Levin, Kate made William feel “important and worthy” in their marriage and family after getting out of a “dysfunctional” upbringing (via the Mirror). “I think that Kate has helped save William,” Levin spoke to True Royalty TV via Mirror. “I think it was very difficult for him coming out of a dysfunctional family, losing his mum so young and I think he was in a very difficult place.”

Levin also noted that Kate not only helped William ease the burden of his royal work responsibilities, but she also helped him rediscover his identity. “[Kate] has really encouraged him,” Levin added. “Her whole life is to make him happy, I think. She found things that really make him feel important and worthy rather than just going to cut ribbons.”

With Kate’s positive influence on William, it’s easy to see why they’re one of the most liked couples in the world. Their ability to navigate through challenges makes for a true marriage.

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