Tony & Candice Romo Live Life ‘To The Max’ In Sketcher’s Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial

When you’re the Romos, you’re going to get the most out of life, right? Tony and Candice take things to ‘the max’ in Sketcher’s hilarious Super Bowl Commercial

“Here in the Romo household–” Candice Romo says at the start of Sketchers Max Cushioning commercial for Super Bowl LV. “—we take things to the max,” Tony Romo says, finishing his wife’s sentence. How does one live life “to the max,” you might ask? It means sandwiches so tall, they require stretch pants to finish. It means having more mattresses than a fairy tale about a princess and a random vegetable. It means having the kind of ride that eliminates the mere concept of “traffic.” It means, according to the commercial, living a life with maximum comfort.

That’s why Tony and Candice are the perfect spokespersons for Sketchers Max Cushioning. The new line of shoes have “maxed out the cushioning for extreme comfort,” says Tony, with the appropriate 90’s-era font. “It’s like walking on clouds,” says Candice, and Tony makes sure that we’re talking “big comfy clouds.”

“This has been the most unusual year, season, and playoffs ever,” said the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback-turned CBS sportscaster, in a press release accompanying the commercial. “I’m happy to be back in the CBS booth for the Super Bowl, and back with Skechers for another campaign during the Big Game—this time with Candice. We do things to the max at home in Texas, Skechers does comfort to the max with Max Cushioning, and we brought it all together in true Romo style. Not much is funnier than me trying to take a bite out of a sandwich that’s bigger than my head.”

Candice also shared a blooper reel on her Instagram. “The Big Game has nothing on these #marriagegoals! Had so much fun making this Skechers MAX Cushioning commercial – it was comfort to the MAX!” Even when Tony flubbed his lines, his natural charisma came through.

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“Tony Romo is a true talent—on the course or field and in the booth, but also on-screen. He’s got a sense of humor and the world needs to laugh—to the Max,” said Michael Greenberg, president of Skechers. “Through all the challenges of the last year, consumers have continued to seek out comfortable footwear which has been positive for our business, making this the perfect time—and venue—to advertise. And with two of the hottest current quarterbacks facing off, the audience is expected to be record-breaking. We love being back at the Super Bowl with Tony and know fans will love the maximized cushioning and support of our Max Cushioning footwear.”

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