The Best Shades of Blonde for Natural Hair

The Best Shades of Blonde for Natural Hair

The popular saying goes, "blondes have more fun." And though it's an arguable statement, who isn't looking to have a good time right now?

If you've ever thought about going blonde before, chances are you've probably gone back and forth on moving forward. But you'll be pleased to know that blonde comes in a spectrum of shade. And while going platinum straight away may not be the right fit for everyone, a warmer golden blonde might be perfect.

To shed some light on blonde hues, we reached out to Leysa Carrillo, a colorist recognized for her transformations on textured hair, and Redken x Mizani brand ambassador.

Here, she shares what to consider when finding your blonde match.

What Shade of Blonde Is Best for My Complexion?

When deciding which shade of blonde will work best for you, Carillo says it's important to take into consideration your complexion, eye color, and lifestyle. Maintenance is also a key factor.

"If a client wants to go platinum blonde, they need to understand it will take commitment and upkeep," she says. Think about how much time you have, and how often you'll be able to visit your colorist.

Keeping in mind her client's complexion, Carillo says she created a blonde to complement her tone. "This honey blonde works beautifully on her warmer skin," she says.

For this look, Carillo took her clients lifestyle into consideration. "I picked a neutral blonde because I know she goes to the beach a lot, and this adds brightness to the blonde," she says. "I used permanent color on her for more longevity, since she lives in Florida and I am in Las Vegas."

What Should I Know Before Going Blonde?

If you're thinking of going blonde, most stylists advise not to try this at home. Achieving an even, vibrant color is a complex process and one that is best left to the professionals. Your colorist will be able to determine the best shade of blonde for you by looking at your undertones. "Cooler, icy blondes often look best on clients with pink undertones, while warmer, golden blondes work well on warmer complexions," says Carillo.

For this look she picked a beige blonde. "I used this color to complement my client's olive undertone," she says.

"For this client, I used a golden blonde tone to complement her light eyes," says Carillo. "I normally pick golden tones when I see olive skin because they look so beautiful together."

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How Can I Prevent a Flat Finish?

There's no rule that says only one blonde shade will work. Combining tones is a great way to achieve your own unique color and to avoid a dull-looking finish. "When mixing shades of blonde, I stay in the same family of tones; warm, cool, copper etc. unless the client wants more contrast," says Carillo.

For this look, she combines a darker blonde with caramel brown and pops of lighter buttery blonde. "I picked this double tone because she lives out of town, so I won't be able to see her often and wanted to make sure her hair transitions softly as it grows out," she says.

For her own hair, Carillo decided to go with a neutral blonde. "This is me doing my color during lock down. I got inspired to add more cool earthy tones into my hair for a good fresh start in the fall."

How Do I Maintain My New Color?

Regardless of which shade of blonde you decide to go with, Carillo stresses the importance of looking after your hair to maintain healthy, vibrant color. The chemical process used to lighten natural hair can be harsh on the curl structure. Regular care will help to restore strength and elasticity.

"Hydration, hydration, hydration, is so important for colored natural hair," says Carillo. "I love Mizani 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner. Using a mask regularly and not just when you have time, is also extremely beneficial. You can use Mizani Moisture Fusion Intense Moisturizing Mask, to replace your conditioner, it's a thicker consistency and will provide the hydration the hair needs after a lightening service."

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