Netflix fans call out Bridgerton for using the exact same set as The Crown 'to save on budget'

NETFLIX fans have called out Bridgerton for using the exact same set as The Crown 'to save on budget'.

Eagle-eyed viewers have been quick to comment on what they saw as a money-saving tactic by the popular streaming service.

In a video posted to TikTok, an avid fan compared a scene featuring Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page as they appear in court before the Queen, to one where Princess Diana skates through a hall in The Crown.

One said: "The scene where Simon and Daphne talk to the queen about getting married is also a scene from season 4 of The Crown."

Another replied: "Yes! I think it's filmed from the opposite side of the room as the portrait of the Queen that Diana stops to look at is on the other side of the room!"

Some fans correctly pointed out that the shots were taken in London stately home Lancaster House.

When realising the Duke of Hastings and Olivia Colman's Queen also share the same office, a fan captioned a TikTok video and wrote: "I guess they saved on the budget by sharing sets!"

Commenting on the rows of framed pictures on the wall, another joked: "They didn't even change out the photos."

The Sun recently revealed Netflix's to top dramas were at war over set locations, with both desperate to film at the same stately homes.

But the length of their forthcoming shoots – expected to block out 2021 – mean both shows must carefully plan to avoid clashing.

Failing that, bosses of the streaming giant might have to decide which takes precedence.

A source said: “Given these two feature similar backdrops, it was only time before they ended up treading on the other’s toes.

“It’s down to production companies when they film.

"But Netflix will be keen everything is sorted as the last thing anyone needs are more delays.”

The 18th century Somerley Estate in Hampshire featured in the fourth series of The Crown — which stars Emma Corrin as Diana — standing in for royal residence Highgrove.

But the country house also doubled as Somerset House in Bridgerton.

Wilton House in Wiltshire was used for The Crown shots of Buckingham Palace with Bridgerton utilising it as the Duke of Hastings’ home.

The source added: “There are only so many stately homes that work for filming.

"It’s a real headache.”

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