'Hitman' Studio IO Interactive Working on '007' Game With New James Bond

Shortly after finishing the “World of Assassination” trilogy, IO Interactive, the studio behind the Hitman franchise, is now working on a James Bond game. Revealed back in November, new reports are suggesting that we could be seeing a new Bond and highlight potential development for the game.

Studio head Hakan Abrak noted that the game, going by the working title Project 007, will chronicle the titular hero’s early days as a British Secret Service agent. The origin story is expected to deviate from the development of the film side of the franchise by focusing on events that lead Bond to earn the iconic 007 code name.

Opening a second office in Malmö, Sweden last year with plans to double its staff to over 400 employees, IO Interactive is now believed to be setting up a James Bond trilogy like it did for Hitman.

Watch the teaser trailer for IO Interactive’s Project 007 above.

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