JUUN.J FW21 Is a Return to Form

Korean designer JUUN.J is putting his “PERSONA” on full display for Fall/Winter 2021, going back to his label’s roots with a concise assortment of oversized garments. Billowing suits, generous outerwear and shape-obscuring dresses are all on hand, as the creative reconsiders what it means to design clothing in this day and age.

Surely launching alongside a new range of Canada Goose and Reebok goods, JUUN.J’s latest is otherwise intentionally toned down. This approach emphasizes form over fleeting trend, with big blazers, wide peacoats and pooling slacks all styled alongside matching black balaclavas, skirts and leather goods. A rich blue puffer jacket, bomber, ribbed sweater and cargo pants invite a militaristic edge to the tailoring lineup, exploring JUUN.J’s dual realms of interest without minimizing those maximalist proportions.

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A similar back-to-basics approach informed the Fall/Winter 2021 collections of Homme Plissé Issey Miyake, Dries Van Noten and sulvam.
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