Dancing on Ice star Colin Jackson reveals he turned down the chance to skate with a male partner

DANCING on Ice star Colin Jackson has revealed the real reason he’s not dancing with another man on the show.

The Olympic champ, 53, told the Sun Online: "I get on better with women, to be honest."

Colin, who came out as gay at 50, has opened up about his decision not to dance with a man onDancing on Ice.

Speaking exclusively to the Sun Online, Colin, who is paired up with brunette pro skater Klabera Komini, said: "I could have danced with a man on DOI. But I didn't want to. 

"I get on better with women to be honest. 

"Me and my dance partner Klabera have an absolute blast. We are giggling all the time –  and sharing too many sweets –  mainly wine gums! "

While he loved watching fellow Welshman H from Steps make history to become the first same sex couple in DOI last year skating with Matt Evers, Colin decided it wasn't for him.

Colin, who came second place on Strictlyin 2005 said: "If you are going to be with someone 24/7 it better be someone you get on with –  and we get on so well.

"Also I'm a bit of a traditionalist –  when I was on Strictly I danced with a woman too."

He added: “H and Matt were absolutely brilliant last year. It was fantastic what they did."

When Colin is not on the ice training for Sunday's launch show, he has been busy being a mentor for Qube Learning’s National Apprentices and Trainees.

He's used his experiences on and off the track to help people to overcome challenges to succeed and feel proud of themselves.

He said: “I’m so proud to see how much the people I have mentored have achieved. They are the stars. So when they come up to receive their awards, I feel more proud of them than I did when I got my Olympic medals!"

Colin is an ambassador for Qube Learning, a leading national training provider which supports employers (such as OCS Group UK and NHS) and which helps individuals embark on apprenticeships or traineeships.

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