Celebs who've dated people who look like their siblings – including Mark Wright and Ariana Grande

OPPOSITES attract – at least that’s how the traditional saying goes. But sometimes, people are attracted to something a little more familiar. 

The truth is, some couples tend to take inspiration from their family, so much so that they choose a partner who looks like a relative.

Previous research has shown that women can choose partners who look like their fathers but maybe now women also look for a partner who has similar traits to their siblings too. 

Who knows, but one thing is for sure and it’s that these celebrities have partners that look just like their siblings!

We’ve rounded up some of the famous couples who share strikingly similar features to their siblings, starting with newly engaged couple Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez.

From their youthful complexions to their matching soft rectangular facial structures, the singing sensation’s luxury real estate agent beau looks just like her brother Frankie Grande. 

We’ve asked the experts to highlight their similarities…

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez (he looks like her brother Frankie Grande) 

Ariana Grande recently got engaged to Dalton Gomez just two years after her failed engagement to Pete Davidson.

The pop star took to social media to show off her dazzling ring as she shared numerous photos alongside her fiancé.

The 27-year-old captioned the photos: ‘forever n then some.’ But fans on social media were quick to point out Dalton’s striking similarities to his fiance’s brother Frankie. 

One Twitter user wrote: "Aw I’m so happy for Ariana Grande – even if Dalton looks like he could be her brother…"

While another questioned: "Why does Dalton look like he could be Ariana’s brother and a Natalie Portman impersonator/double?"

Khatra Peterson, owner of KP Aesthetics said Ariana’s new beau does have strikingly similar features to her brother Frankie Grande. 

She said: "Both Frankie and Dalton have rectangular faces and although masculine, they both have a softness to their features, particularly with their curved foreheads and rounded square chins.

"The rectangular face shape is a hybrid of the oval/long and square shaped face. It's essentially the long face with angular edges, that makes them look alike. 

While Chrystianna Fillis, Medical Director at Harley Cosmetic London, pointed out Frankie and Dalton’s most similar facial features – their eyes. 

She said: "Frankie Grande and Dalton Gomez have very similar eyes.

"This is from the distance of the inner eye reaching out to the corner eye and from the corner of the eye reaching to the hair line which gives them a similar look.’ 

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright (she looks like his sister Jess Wright)

Former TOWIE hunk Mark, 33, tied the knot to his glam actress wife Michelle, also 33, in 2015. 

But the iconic Our Girl screen star has similar features to Mark’s fellow TOWIE veteran sister Jess Wright  – with some suggesting they look alike. 

The star-studded couple are both famous for their good looks but many believe Michelle looks just like Jess. 

One social media user tweeted: "Michelle Keegan looks like Mark Wright’s sister. #Creepy."

KP Aesthetics founder Khatra said the two glamorous women have matching dark features and ‘raven’ coloured hair. 

She commented: "The most noticeable similarity between Michelle and Jess is their dark features, with their gorgeous raven hair and piercing brown eyes.

"Their face shapes are in proportion to the golden ratio, which is a mathematical formula to help explain why some people are considered beautiful.

"Whilst Michelle has a noticeable heart-shaped face, Jess is more square.  A heart shaped face will typically have a larger, wider forehead. 

"Then the face gets more angled towards the chin, finishing into a point. The key to a square face lies in the jawline. 

"With a square face shape, your forehead, cheekbones and jaw will be the same width, but your jaw will have sharp angles to it.’

While Medical Director Chrystianna Fillis said Michelle looks very similar to her sister-in-law. 

She added: "If you look at Jess and Michelle’s face structures, you can see they share very similar features. 

"The distance from the lips to the ears and lower lip to their chin are very similar which give them almost matching lower faces. 

"Both their nasal folds start roughly 5mm above the nostril."

Rob Kardashian and girlfriend Aileen Gisselle (she looks like Kardashian sisters)  

Former KUWTK star Rob Kardashian is thought to be dating Instagram flame Aileen Gisselle. 

The brother of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie, previously made headlines after admitting that he had dated a professional Kim Kardashian lookalike. 

In a 2017 episode of KUWTK, Khloe outed for brother, asking: "Do you remember when you f***ed the girl who won the Kim Kardashian lookalike contest?"

While fans on social media have previously revealed they thought Rob dated women with similar looks to his famous sisters. 

Khatra, 53, a medical aesthetics expert from Hale, said the similarities between Aileen and the Kardashian sisters was with their dark striking features and high cheekbones. 

The owner and founder of KP Aesthetics said: "Although there are similarities with Aileen and the Kardashian sisters, this lies with their dark striking features, high cheekbones and eyes.  

"When it comes to their face shapes they do differ. Aileen has a more round face shape, whereas the Kardashians are more rectangular."

And cosmetic medical expert Chrystianna Fillis added: "Aileen and the Kardashians have very similar looks with the dark features of hair and eyes.

"They also have small button noses with pouty lips which I believe have been aesthetically injected."

Orlando Bloom and ex-wife Miranda Kerr (she looks like his sister Samantha Bloom)

Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom divorced in 2013, separating after three years of marriage.

But according to the experts, Miranda has comparable features to her ex hubby Orlando’s actress sister Samantha.  

Khatra recognises the similarities between the two women and said their heart shaped faces is what makes them look alike. 

She commented: "Both Miranda and Samantha have heart shape faces, which are similar to round shape faces but have a wider forehead. 

"They both have a slender jawline and cheekbones as well as their foreheads are the widest parts of their faces."

And Harley Cosmetic London director Chrystianna said the women could definitely "pass as relatives". 

She added: "Miranda Kerr and Samantha Bloom could pass as relatives with their very similar pretty and 'smiley' eyes. 

"They both have very attractive pouty smiles that echo each other."

Gwyneth Paltrow and ex-husband Chris Martin (he looks like her brother Jake Paltrow)

Iconic Hollywood A-lister Gweneth Paltrow and her ex-husband Coldplay star Chris Martin   famously announced they were splitting back in 2014 after ten years of marriage. 

However they still appear to have one of the most amicable splits in celeb history and the Iron Man actress shares two children with Chris – Apple, 16, and Moses, 14.

But Chris’ appearance has often been likened to Gweneth’s film director brother Jake, 45.  

One fan pointed out Chris’ look alike features to Jake, tweeting: "Is it me, or does Gweneth Paltrow’s brother look an awful lot like her ex-husband, Chris Martin?"

KP Aesthetics expert Khatra said the two men are "extremely similar" in their appearances. 

She said: "From their face shape, proportions and blue eyes, Chris and Jake are extremely similar in their looks. 

"They both have long, oval face shapes with strong, rounded jawlines and chins."

While Medical Director Chrystianna Fillis agrees and reveals the two men – Jake and Chris – can "definitely pass as brothers".

She added: "Chris Martin and Jake Paltrow look extremely similar. 

"You can see their eyes are very aesthetically similar and they match on skin tone and hair tone too. 

"These two can definitely pass as brothers."

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik (he looks like her brother Anwar Hadid)

Model Gigi Hadid and former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik shocked the globe earlier this year when they started their family and welcomed their first child. 

But eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Zayn, who rekindled his romance with Gigi after a brief split in 2016, has similarities to Gigi’s model brother Anwar Hadid, who is dating Dua Lipa. 

One Twitter user highlighted Zayn and Anwar’s similarities online, hilariously writing: "Anwar and Zayn look so alike, you wouldn’t be able to tell their feet apart!"

However Medical Aesthetics expert Khatra, who specialises in a range of non surgical cosmetic treatments in Hale, admitted there is a definite likeness between the duo. 

Khatra said: "With their square jaws, long faces and angular edges, both Zayne and Anwar rock their handsome rectangular face shapes .

"The similarities also extend to their dark hair, dark eyes and porcelain complexions."

Chrystianna, from Harley Cosmetic London agreed and said their bones structures are "extremely similar".

She added: "Zayn and Anwar are extremely similar with their dark hair and dark features alongside light eyes. Their bone structure is extremely similar as well."

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