Inside I'm A Celeb's Giovanna Fletcher and husband Tom's love story

THERE'S not many wedding speeches that measure up to Tom Fletcher's 14-minute song for his wife Giovanna – but it was just the start of a very loved-up marriage for the pair.

Now the McFly singer is cheering on his wife, 35, from home as she battles it out on I'm A Celebrity – winning the nation's hearts all over again.

And Tom, who shares six-year-old Buzz, four-year-old Buddy, and two-year-old Max with Giovanna, recently promised to renew his vows with his wife of eight years on their 10th anniversary.

"Vernon [Kay] has put me in it with renewing vows, I don't think I could compete with his story so I'll need to start planning now," Tom told the Daily Mail.

"We've been married around eight years now, so maybe around the ten-year mark."

From meeting at school and being childhood sweethearts, to their star-studded wedding and close-knit family life together, the pair have enjoyed quite the epic love story over the years.

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Here we look at where it all began…

'This gorgeous girl walked in…'

Tom and Gi's story began when they were just 13 years old – after meeting in their assembly hall at Sylvia Young Theatre School.

"I literally asked Giovanna to be my girlfriend the day I met her when she walked into assembly when we were 13, literally straight away," he told Mail Online.

"Her surname is Falcone and so when the new kids walked in, she walked over to me as obviously my surname begins with an F as well and she was sitting next to me at assembly and I asked her out that day. I knew then…"

And according to Celebs Now, he wrote in McFly‘s memoir Unsaid Things… Our Story of the moment: "This gorgeous girl walked in – I immediately turned to [my friend] Jason and commented on how fit she was."

The pair briefly split up at 16, when they attended different colleges, but Tom won her back when they were 18 after writing her a romantic letter.

He added to the Mail: "I found out the address of her new flat, sent her a letter before she moved in so I knew it would be there when she arrived, trying to get her to be my girlfriend again."

It worked and the pair have been happily together ever since, right through Tom's rise to fame with McFly.

He said: "I couldn't imagine doing it without her. It's really difficult managing a relationship going through all that, but if two people really want to be together and make it work, you find a way and we did."

It was All About Her

I'm A Celeb viewers were left shocked recently when Giovanna revealed Tom's 2005 McFly hit It's All About You was written for her.

She said: “That was my Valentine’s present.

"It was coming up to Valentine’s Day, Tom hadn’t got me a Valentine’s present, so he got into the studio and just literally wrote it super quickly, he said it’s just one of those songs that just came out and recorded a version that’s just him, really beautiful and then gave me the disc for Valentine’s Day.

“Then Comic Relief got in touch and said, ‘We want you to do the song and lead the campaign this year, do you have anything that’s appropriate?’

"And Tom was like, ‘If my girlfriend won’t mind, I’ve written this song and it could work.’ They wanted a song that was a bit more personal.”

After years of dating, the pair then finally got engaged in 2011, with Tom popping the question in the same school assembly hall where they met.

THAT viral wedding speech

They married a year later in London, with celebrity guests including Gi's brother, TOWIE star Mario Falcone, and Tom's McFly bandmates Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones in attendance.

Giovanna opted for a stunning strapless ivory Phillipa Lepley gown, with vintage lace overlay. She also carried a bouquet of cream, pink and pale yellow roses.

And Tom has admitted he broke down when he saw his future wife beside him at the altar.

"I was doing okay up until that point, but hearing my sister sing and with Giovanna next to me looking so beautiful, I just lost it!" Tom told the mag at the time.

The pair delighted guests with a five-tiered wedding cake crafted in pink and cream iced roses too.

But it was Tom's now-viral wedding speech that really stole the show, as he performed a 14-minute song.

He chose to sing his speech rather than speaking it and used a number of old McFly tracks for the tune – along with new lyrics.

He began by saying: "So Giovanna can tell you that the only nerves and anxiety I've had about this wedding have been about giving this speech.

"I absolutely hate public speaking. Me and public speaking we just do not get along at all.

"Mainly because I don't have any idea about how to write a good speech… But I do know how to write a song. So I hope this isn't cheating myself out of it too much."

Then singing over the top of an old hit, he changed the words to: "Recently I've been, having a wedding. I've married this girl who's out of this world, believe me.

"We are so grateful to so many people. But we're saying thank you to only a few, so sorry…"

He went on to give his thanks to select guests, including his brother-in-law Mario, their parents, and the bridesmaids and best men – his bandmates.

'He just makes me crack up'

The pair have been happily married ever since and welcomed their first child, Buzz, in March 2014. Their other two children, Buddy and Max, soon followed.

Asked for the secret to their happy union all these years, Gi has said: "We can be having an argument about something ridiculous and he just makes me crack up. That’s why we’ve been together for so long."

The family now live in a stunning home in London, and they've each shared a few sneak peeks on Instagram of the inside of the property.

Their pad boasts a gigantic library, music room and they even have a jukebox to play all their favourite tunes on.

During lockdown, the family had the perfect space to get their work done together and even set up enough space for the youngsters to complete their school work.

Tom has also shown that talent certainly does run in the family with their amazing music room filled with everything they need to create a sweet melody together.

Arguably though, their kitchen is the most amazing room in the house with its amazing neon light stating "let's stay at home" on the wall.

They've also been each other's biggest supporters over the years, as Gi was by Tom's side throughout his McFly fame, while he's supported her in publishing her own book, Happy Mum, Happy Baby: My Adventures in Motherhood in 2017.

She has also launched her own YouTube channel, which has over 180,000 subscribers and appeared on various TV shows.

Gi then famously welcomed the Duchess of Cambridge onto her Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast this year, with the pair exchanging experiences and stories of motherhood.

Obviously, it's All About Gi.

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