Gemma Collins vows to follow in Princess Diana's footsteps and retire her GC alter ego to focus on humanitarian work

GEMMA Collins has vowed to follow in Princess Diana's footsteps and retire her GC alter ego to focus on humanitarian work.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the 39-year-old star teased that fans will see a new side of her in 2021 as she takes inspiration from the tragic royal.

She was particularly moved by Diana's famous walk through an area being cleared of landmines in Huambo, Angola, a few months before her death in 1997 – and hopes to do similar work.

Gemma told us: "People are going to a see a huge change in me next year, I'm turning 40 and the people that inspire me do incredible humanitarian work.

"Princess Diana has been in the media a lot, and you look at her when she walked through the landmines and stuff and she's such an incredible woman.

"This is where I want to take my work now, I've got everything I want in life, I don't need anything more."

The former Towie star added: "I am so happy with where I am in my life and it's time for me to work my magic with other projects."

Referencing her diva alter ego, Gemma warned that it could be time to say goodbye – although it won't be forever.

She explained: "The GC might have to be put on ice for a little bit, we might have to freeze her for a bit.

"When I turn 40 I want people to think more of Gemma and more of my humanitarian work and things I am passionate about in life.

"Through my life and career I've grown as a person, there's a lot more to me now than just being The GC and I am really excited for everyone to see what I am going to be doing in 2021."

But before that, Gemma is giving fans the opportunity to emulate her lavish lifestyle, with it announced today that Gemma is the new face of free-to-play lottery app BravoSpeed.

Users can expect to win up to £4.2million through the games, which encourage players to invite friends and family to virtually play along.

The star said of the new app: "Honestly, BravoSpeed has been a gamechanger for me, especially when I haven’t been out and about as much as usual.

"It’s so much fun to play with friends and family and couldn’t be easier – just download (for free!), watch a short video and you’re good to go."

She cheekily added: "And the prizes… If you want a chance to live like the GC I’d get your ass to the app store pronto!"

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