Love Island's Theo Campbell sues Ibiza club after flying champagne cork 'split eye in half' and blinded him

LOVE Island's Theo Campbell is suing an Ibiza club after a champagne cork blinded him.

The reality star, 29, lost the sight in his right eye last August while partying with ex-girlfriend Kaz Crossley.

He was rushed to hospital and underwent two rounds of surgery when his eye "split in half" after being hit during a champagne spray party.

Posting a photo of himself with an eye patch after the incident, he said: “So yeah basically two eye surgeries later, after a really unfortunate accident, I’ve lost all vision in my right eye as it got split in half.

"Who would have thought a champagne cork would be the end of me.”

Former Great Britain 400m runner Theo says he's been left with severely impaired sight in his right eye as a result.


The former Love Island contestant says he suffered a cut eyelid which needed 11 stitches and a cornea injury, and has undergone operations in Ibiza and the UK.

He has launched legal action against Ice Mountain Ibiza SL, which runs the club, and its insurers, according to law firm Irwin Mitchell representing him.

In a statement, Theo said: "The last 15 months or so trying to come to terms with what has happened have been hard.

"I'm a positive person and try and remain upbeat but as time goes on the chances of my sight getting back to normal become reduced.

I don't know what the future may hold with regards to my sight but I feel that the least I deserve is answers to what happened and why.

"I'm speaking with doctors about what may or may not be possible but I also have a number of questions about what happened to me.

"I don't know what the future may hold with regards to my sight but I feel that the least I deserve is answers to what happened and why.

"Bringing this case was something that hasn't been done lightly but I feel that at present it's the best opportunity for me to get the answers I deserve."

In March, Theo told Sun Online he was considering a cornea transplant to improve his vision, which had been reduced to blurs and colours.

Demetrius Danas, representing Theo, said he still suffers sight issues.

Mr Danas said: "His injuries have meant that he has been unable to work as much as he would normally, and his quality of life has deteriorated.

"Organisers of events such as these have a legal duty to ensure the safety of customers.

"Through our investigations we believe there was insufficient safety advice provided to customers at the club as well as a failure to recommend or provide protective eyewear.".

Theo, a Team GB runner, starred in Love Island in 2017.

Ice Mountain Ibiza SL has been approached for comment.

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