The New Friends Makeup Collection at Ulta Is Bound to Sell Out Just as Quickly as the First

Diehard Friends fans are likely to have a collection of items inspired by the beloved ’90s sitcom. From t-shirts with the TV series’ logo to Central Perk-themed coffee grounds, there’s such a wide variety of Friends memorabilia on the market. But there’s one product category fanatics haven’t been able to get their hands on up until recently.

Revolution Beauty launched the first-ever Friends makeup collection in September, and when it dropped at Ulta, it sold out within a record-breaking five hours. That’s why we’re excited to be the first to announce: The One Where Revolution Beauty Drops a Friends Makeup Collection, Part Two. The brand just launched its second collection globally — and yes, it is a big deal because everything is under $25! 

It features an even bigger array of collectible cosmetic and bath products, including eyeshadow palettes, lip glosses, body scrubs, and bath bombs, that pay homage to the show’s beloved characters and best inside jokes. And similar to the first collection, the packaging features details that any Friends fan would instantly recognize. 

The three eyeshadow palettes are reminiscent of the show’s iconic visuals, like the picture frame hanging on Monica’s apartment door, the yellow taxi cab Phoebe inherited from her grandmother, and the metaphorical lobster Phoebe refers to when talking about soulmates. Each one is filled 21 with richly pigmented matte and shimmery shades that seamlessly blend to achieve classic ’90s makeup looks.

The shades are aptly named for some of the show’s best lines, like “I’m Fine,” “Fancy Guest,” “Beef Trifle,” and “Myyyyy Sandwich.”

Buy It! Makeup Revolution X Friends Open The Door Shadow Palette, $25;

Buy It! Makeup Revolution X Friends Take A Drive Shadow Palette, $25;

Buy It! Makeup Revolution X Friends He’s Her Lobster Shadow Palette, $25;

There are also two face palettes shaped like Central Perk coffee mugs and filled with nine finely milled warm-tone hues that can be used to sculpt and highlight. It’s available in two options, light to medium and dark to deep, and both are $25.  

Buy It! Makeup Revolution X Friends Grab a Cup Face Palette Light to Medium, $25;

Lipsticks were some of the first things to go from the last collection, so we have a feeling the six new high-shine lip glosses won’t be in stock much longer. Each one is uniquely illustrated for each Friend — Rachel’s is decorated with the Central Perk logo as an ode to her barista days, Joey’s features a meatball sandwich in honor of his favorite food (that he doesn’t share!), and Ross’ showcases his beloved pet monkey, Marcel. 

Buy It! Makeup Revolution x Friends Rachel Pout Bomb, $8,; Makeup Revolution x Friends Monica Pout Bomb, $8,; Makeup Revolution x Friends Phoebe Pout Bomb, $8;

Some of our other favorite products from the collection include the coffee-themed products that are available on Revolution Beauty’s website, like the vanilla latte lip scrub, caramel latte lip mask, and espresso body butter. We also love the fizzy bath bombs that allow you to relax and unwind in the tub like Chandler when you’ve had a long, hard day; they’d make great stocking stuffers. 

Buy It! Makeup Revolution X Friends Vanilla Latte Lip Scrub, $8,; Makeup Revolution X Friends Espresso Body Butter, $12,

There are over 20 products in the Makeup Revolution x Friends 2.0 collection, but considering how quickly the first one sold out, it’s likely these will go just as fast. So PIVOT and head to Ulta and Revolution Beauty to grab your favorites before they’re gone.

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