Watch the New Trailer for HBO's Transhood, Which Chronicles Lives of 4 Transgender Kids

A documentary crew has spent the last five years chronicling the lives of four transgender children and teens — and now, their journeys will hit the big screen.

HBO unveiled a new trailer for Transhood on Friday, three weeks ahead of its premiere, introducing viewers to Jay, Avery, Leena and Phoenix, who range in age from 4 to 15 at the film’s start.

Transhood was filmed between 2014 and 2019 in the politically and religiously conservative Kansas City area, and follows the lives of each of the four children as they navigate growing up transgender.

“What I really hope is that people realize we’re human,” Avery says in the clip. “We’re not like, some exotic species. We have human emotions. That’s what matters.”

The Sharon Liese-helmed documentary tells each of the children’s stories as they “redefine ‘coming of age’ and share personal realities of how gender expression is reshaping their American families,” according to a press release.

Throughout the film, Jay, Avery, Leena and Phoenix all deal with the growing pains that typically accompany adolescence alongside obstacles specific to their journeys, including familial challenges, rejection from their peers, body dysphoria and a political climate hostile to transgender people.

Some, like Jay, deal with the pain of being “outed” by their peers, while others, like Leena, work toward the goal of gender confirmation surgery.

Avery, meanwhile, struggles with the spotlight after she becomes an advocate, while the parents of Phoenix, a self-proclaimed “girl-boy,” struggle with marital issues.

The documentary will be accompanied by a supplemental special short called Culture Closeup, which features a conversation with two trans youths from the film as facilitated by a.t. Furuya of the organization GLSEN.

Transhood premieres on HBO on Nov. 12 from 9-10:45 p.m. ET/PT. It will also be available for streaming on HBO Max.

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