Melania Trump's ex-friend says 'SHE is being bullied by first lady' and says anti-bullying campaign has done NOTHING

MELANIA Trump's ex-friend claims she "is being bullied by the first lady"and that her anti-bullying campaign has done "nothing."

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff once worked as a senior advisor for Melania– and recently published the memoir Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady.

Wolkoff slammed Melania's Be Best anti-bullying initiative – and labeled the first lady as "hypocritical."

"The fact that she says she cares about children, what has she done for children? Nothing," Wolkoff alleged in an interview with The Mail Online.

She claimed: "Melania [had] the opportunity to actually say something of value and importance to the American people, and instead she's bullying me. 

"Her Be Best initiative is all about kindness and anti-bullying, yet she continues to attack me. For her to even utter the words of kindness and respect is hypocritical," Wolkoff told The Mail Online.

The White House did not immediately respond to The Sun for comment on Wolkoff's claims.

Melania previously slammed Wolkoff over her book in a letter shared by the White House earlier this month.

In the book, Wolkoff made claims about Melania's strained relationship with her husband's daughter, Ivana.

It also detailed Melania's alleged disdain for some of her duties as first lady, and true beliefs about immigrant children who were separated from their parents at the border.

She claimed the book's author "hardly knew me," without directly naming Wolkoff.

"This is a woman who secretly recorded our phone calls, releasing portions from me that were out of context, then wrote a book of idle gossip trying to distort my character," Melania wrote.

"Her 'memoir' included blaming me for her ailing health from an accident she had long ago, and for bad news coverage that she brought upon herself and others," the first lady added.

Three years ago Wolkoff had two spinal cord fusion surgeries after suffering a herniated spine, Page Six reported.

She also was in a car accident before beginning work at Vogue in 1996, Page Six reported.

Despite the first lady's claims of the duo "hardly" knowing one another, Wolkoff maintains the duo have been friends for 15 years – and that she attended Melania and Donald Trump's wedding.

The Department of Justice has launched a lawsuit against Wolkoff over the bombshell book.

Wolkoff is accused of breaking a nondisclosure agreement and the DOJ is asking a court to set aside earnings from the book in a government trust.

According to the lawsuit, Wolkoff's NDA did "had no termination date," CNBC reported.

In response to the suit, Wolkoff said: "I fulfilled all of the terms of the Gratuitous Service Agreement and the confidentiality provisions ended when the White House terminated agreement."

"With the publication of my book 'Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady,' I have exercised my right to free expression. I will not be deterred by these bullying tactics." 

The complaint from the DOJ also alleges that Wolkoff failed to submit a copy of her book for review prior to being published.

In her first solo appearance at a Trump rally in Pennsylvania on Thursday, Melania hit at media coverage of "idle gossip and palace intrigue," USA Today reported.

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