FBI investigating Hunter Biden over money-laundering allegations: report

The FBI has reportedly been investigating Hunter Biden and his business associates over allegations of money-laundering since 2019.

An official with the Department of Justice confirmed the existence of the federal investigation, which remains active, according to Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, told Sinclair broadcasting he has provided the FBI with digital evidence he has indicated ties former Vice President Joe Biden to his son’s overseas business dealings.

Bobulinski last week came forward with his claims that Joe Biden has been lying about his involvement in Hunter Biden’s foreign business ventures.

During a hastily scheduled press conference before the presidential debate, Bobulinski showed reporters three phones that spanned 2015 to 2018, saying they were evidence that he would provide the FBI.

The contents of those phones, Bobulinski said Thursday, were reviewed by the FBI. He told Sinclair broadcasting the FBI considers him a “material witness” and his interview with them “was a very cooperative, deep dive into all the facts.”

Bobulinski said he met with the feds in Washington for about five hours and said he expects to meet with them again.

The US Navy veteran has said he was introduced to the former vice president in 2017, by his son, Hunter Biden.

“Joe Biden has not denied that he met with Tony Bobulinski,” Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said on Thursday night. ”

“He says that Joe Biden is flat out lying when Biden repeatedly said he never spoke with his family members about their foreign business dealings,” Murtaugh said.

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