'90 Day Fiancé': Geoffrey Paschel Talks About His 'Extraterrestrial Experience'

Geoffrey Paschel never spoke about his belief in “unearthly beings” during his time on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. But he’s opened up about a lot on social media since the end of Season 4. In an Instagram post, Paschel talks about his “extraterrestrial experience.”

Geoffrey Paschel on ’90 Day Fiancé’

Paschel was one of the more controversial participants in Season 4, not for anything he did on the show necessarily but for his past criminal record. 90 Day Fiancé fans discovered that he was arrested in June for domestic assault and started a petition to get him removed from the show. TLC must have been paying attention because, shortly after, Paschel was uninvited from the season tell-all.

Paschel ended his time on the show by getting engaged to his Russian girlfriend, Varya Malina. Fans are still in the dark about whether they’re still together. The controversial contestant regularly receives questions from fans about his relationship status on his Instagram page, but he’s required to stay mum per his contract.

Geoffrey Paschel on the ‘unearthly beings’ that follow him

On Sept. 30, Paschel took to Instagram to write about “orbs.”

He posted a few photos of himself standing in front of a body of water. The sun is setting behind him. In each photo, there is a small orb of light next to or near him.

“When I take a photo, I frequently have to take multiple shots because there is a constant, circular light floating near me,” he began. “In these shots, I was attempting to locate where the orb might be artfully hidden the best in order to utilize those specific pics. Instead, as I am with most everything in my life, I chose to embrace the extraterrestrial experience and elected to treasure them.”

Paschel writes that it “makes no sense” that these “orbs” are anything but “unearthly beings connected to spirits of the afterlife” in the photos he presented.


“I am confident this orb is my little angel keeping me company and lifting my spirits whenever the need arises,” he wrote. “I don’t find it a bit weird, but instead welcome the company and closeness he provides. He’s telling me to hang in there and stay the course. I’m listening…”

The reality star feels his “little angel” guides him through life’s difficulties.

“Trying times are what I am used to experiencing—I am not ME without them near,” he wrote. “Maybe I am in denial, but I truly believe I don’t look for difficulties; rather, I draw them in. Perhaps that is another personality shortfall of mine…who knows? What I do know is that, while my course may be rugged and unpredictable, I am glad I have his companionship, even if I can only truly visit with him in my dreams.”

Fans react to Geoffrey Paschel’s post

The comments have been limited on Paschel’s post. But the comments that are featured agree that the orbs in the reality star’s photos are “unearthly beings.” Several people wrote about orbs showing up in their own photos and their belief that they’re loved ones who have passed away.

“I see your little angel,” commented one fan. “I can sense his playful baby spirit in the pictures, too. Embrace that. Keep moving forward. I feel my mom near me constantly. She was the president of my fan club and my own personal cheerleader. I miss that.”

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