Willow Smith Calls Out Mom Jada for Treating Her Differently From Brother Jaden

In a new episode of ‘Red Table Talk’, the ‘Whip My Hair’ singer reveals how mom Jada Pinkett Smith is always strict with her but more lax when it comes to older brother Jaden Smith.

AceShowbizWillow Smith criticized her mother Jada Pinkett Smith‘s parenting in a new episode of the family’s “Red Table Talk“. The “Whip My Hair” hitmaker told guests Cari Champion and Jemele Hill that she was treated differently from her older brother Jaden Smith.

“There is a difference between how black moms treat their daughters and their sons,” the 19-year-old singer/songwriter said as she recounted how mom Jada always rushed her every morning but was usually more lenient when it came to her brother Jaden.

“Something as simple as getting up at the right time. It was like, ‘You better get up. You better get dressed.’ I’d be in my room going like, ‘OK, I gotta get [ready],’ But then Jaden is there and she’d be like, ‘Uh, so are you ready to uh…’ and he’d be like, ‘Uh, maybe one moment.’ “

By the time she’s “ready at the door” to head to school, Jaden would still have his breakfast or sometime hadn’t even had his shoes on.

“That’s true,” mom Jada responded. “She might have a point.”

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Jada’s strict parenting with Willow might have something to do with her shocking discovery on Willow’s Tumblr page when the girl was 10 or 11. “So she’s just scrolling, scrolling…I saw some of the most hardcore pornography on Tumblr,” Jada recalled in a previous interview. “I can’t believe kids are being exposed to this on a daily basis. I was profoundly disturbed.”

However, Jada and husband Will Smith always gave their children freedom to express themselves although they got backlash for that. “I have had my fair share of mom shaming. With Willow, I think the first time I got hardcore criticism, when you first cut your hair, there was a firestorm,” she said in a different occasion.

“Looking at how my children were being affected, that’s what counts. When people are like, ‘I can’t believe you shaved Willow’s head,’ if they could have seen this child’s expression of freedom, looking at her hair falling to the ground,” she went on.

“Me as a mum looking at that, experiencing that with her, there’s nothing anyone could say to me to tell me that it was wrong. Not one person, because I was there, I was looking at her, I saw her face, I knew the journey she and I took together to get to that point. It didn’t matter what anybody said.”

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