Model with huge H-cup boobs wants reduction because men are ‘scared to date her’

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An Instagram model who forked thousands on plastic surgery has revealed how she wants to get a boob reduction.

In total, it is believed Yvonne Bar spent a whopping £36,000 on achieving her glam look by getting four boob jobs and liposuction.

The German bombshell has also gone under the knife for a Brazilian butt lift, fillers and even Botox.

Now the beauty who has H-cup boobs has revealed she is considering a breast reduction because men are intimated by her.

It was previously reported Yvonne had dated a footballer who "refused to go public because of her fake boobs".

And after years of enjoying her surgically-enhanced assets, the model believes it's time to get a reduction.

Yvonne said: "For once I am considering getting a breast reduction at some point in the future because I always get judged and viewed in the wrong way.

"Men look at me and treat me like I am candy and not for something serious and I feel like I scare the good men off.

"Also, because of the sheer weight of my boobs, I get back pain sometimes.

"On some days all I can do is lay down so it really might be a good idea to have a reduction."

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The model also hopes to start a family some day and believes a breast reduction might be the way forward.

However, the plastic surgery fan admits that while she is considering a reduction, she's also thinking about other procedures.

She detailed: "I want to get a nose job because I have some slight breathing problems.

"And I would also like to change the shape a little."

She concluded: "Also I believe that getting my cheeks lifted would make my face look more elegant."

Despite having undergone four previous boob jobs, Yvonne claims she has no fears when it comes to going under the knife again.

It has been reported the social media sensation is raising money for the operation through her OnlyFans account.

Yvonne boasts 240,000 followers on Instagram.

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