Most ‘savage’ ever wedding bouquet toss sees guest snatch flowers from woman

A wedding guest who savagely snatched a bouquet of flowers from another woman at a reception has gone viral on Reddit for all the wrong reasons.

The 15-second clip shows the beautiful bride facing her back to the 11 female guests by the entrance of the venue.

As she throws the garden-style bouquet, a woman in a black dress raises her hand and catches the flowers.

But another guest standing next to her immediately jumps in and grabs the bouquet from her grasp.

For a few awkward moments, the pair tussle over the flowers before one eventually gives up and the woman in the floral dress celebrates with her prize.

She performs a dance and appears to address her boyfriend in front of the group.

The bride, who didn't witness the awkward moment, turns around and applauds to her.

The video has been upvoted 62,000 times after being shared with the caption: "Witnessed the most savage bouquet toss I have ever seen yesterday."

Viewers branded it one of the most "cringeworthy" wedding bouquet tosses they have seen.

One said: "The girl who caught it first was wise to just let it go and let the crazy lady have it."

Another wrote: "She walked back toward the rest expecting hugs and high-fives and they were all like 'ew'."

The user added: "She’s pointing to her very unlucky boyfriend. It was seriously the most cringeworthy thing I have ever seen."

Others said they have witnessed similar blunders when they attended their friends' weddings.

"I was at one wedding helping with catering and all the girls lined up for the toss with taller in the back and shorter in the front and some of the kids went in too and the bride tossed it to the kids in front," a viewer explained. "One of the bridesmaids reached out and stole it from probably a four-year-old girl."

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