Students share hilarious blunders they've spotted in their assignments

Dis-honour roll! Students share the hilarious blunders they’ve made in their work that prove why it always pays to proofread

  • Students from the UK and the US have shared their worst exam papers blunders
  • One student from Ohio addressed her final paper to ‘Professor Whats his nuts’ 
  • Another woman, from Harvard, titled her paper ‘something very clever’

When you’ve finally finished a piece of course work, it’s understandably tempting to hand it straight over for marking and be glad to see the back of it – but an extra check at the end could save you from years of embarassment. 

Students from the UK and the US have learned the hard way to always proofread their exam papers and check over their homework before turning them in for grading. 

In a hilarious gallery by Bored Panda, they’ve shared the blunders they wished they’d noticed before their teacher did, incuding a student from Ohio addressed her final essay to ‘Professor Whats His Nuts.’

In the UK, one university student tilted her term paper ‘The Art of not Giving a F***.’

Meanwhile, in Indiana, a graduate simply wrote ‘I don’t know’ in her thesis’ footnotes. 

Students have shared the worst blunders they submitted in their final term papers. One student, believed to be from Texas, bit their tongue after submitted an essay with ‘I give up’ written in capital letters across the middle

What’s in a file name? One student was shocked to find they had sent their paper, saved under ‘Last Paper B*****’ to their teacher  

A student at Atlanta’s Savannah College of Art and Design said titling her essay ‘incoherent screaming’ was her ‘crowning achievement’

One student from Texas submitted her final essay as ‘Thomas the Choo Choo Train’ and did not catch it before it was too late 

An UK-based student revealed sending an essay titled ‘The Art of Not Giving a F***’ was the ‘peak’ of her academic career 

One student from Ohio went viral after explaining she addressed her essay to ‘Professor Whats his nuts’ and sharing her teacher’s tweet about the incident 

At the University of Indiana, one student learned the hard way that devil’s in the detail after writing ‘idk,’ meaning ‘I don’t know’ in her thesis footnotes 

One student noticed after handing their paper that they had called their teacher a h** in their Intro to Film essay’s title 

At Harvard Divinity University, a student titled her essay ‘Something Very Clever’ and almost submitted it 

One student from the university of Toronto’s whimsical introduction to her essay made it to her final submission 

A jokster from Phoenix, Arizona explained the funny title she picked for her essay did not keep up from getting the best grade 

In New York City, a student’s grade was not hindered by the ‘creative’ title she picked, which admitted her hatred for the class she was taking 

An University of Texas student was left in a state of shock after sending her final essay with the title ‘last f****** paper’ 

One student from Los Angeles panicked after she titled her essay ‘F**** my holes’ as a joke, not knowing it would show when she submitted it

In Florida, one student learned the hard way why you should not joke in your term paper, even when it’s at the draft stage 

In California, an UCLA student was left panicking after she named her essay ‘One D***, Two D***, Head D***, Blue D***’

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