Parents – and partners of men with bad aim – are raving about £5 toilet light

Nobody likes that feeling when you have to get up for a wee in the night, tiptoeing in your PJs and trying to be quiet in the dark.

If you don’t want to wake everyone up by sticking the lights on, but want to make life easier for you and your children, this could be the answer.

Parents on Facebook have been extolling the virtues of a £5 light that clips to your toilet, saying it’s been a godsend for them and their kids.

The light, from B&M, hooks to any toilet and is motion activated from six feet away.

So, when you’re scrabbling around and bursting for a wee, you can be greeted by a brightly coloured glow to show you the way.

On the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group, the original post read: ‘For those who want a bit of light in the bathroom, these work by sensor £5 from B&M’.

Replies poured in, with one commenter saying: ‘I didn’t know I needed this until just now.’

Another added: ‘I’ve had one ages off Ebay brilliant for kids in night.’

Some also chimed in that it was helpful if you have someone in your house without much skill hitting the bowl.

‘These are great. Very useful for men who have no aim,’ said one.

For those who don’t mind waiting for delivery, Groupon also has the same light available for just £3.95 (not including P&P).

Or, you could opt for a portable nightlight from John Lewis, which is pricier at £29.99 but can be carried around the house for midnight snacks and toilet breaks.

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