Australian teacher fired after showing students graphic suicide video

An Australian teacher has been fired for allowing students to watch a graphic video of a man taking his own life, school officials said.

The Busselton Senior High School students apparently watched the video last week in the classroom, despite education officials warning parents the day prior about the graphic content circulating online, Australian outlet ABC reported.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable,” said Lisa Rodgers, who heads the education department for Western Australia, according to the outlet.

“As soon as I had the report that the teacher had allowed the children to watch the video, I stood the teacher down.”

Rodgers said the half a dozen or so students who viewed the video had asked the teacher for permission.

But she added, “regardless of if the students asked to see the video, the video should not have been shown.”

She said counseling services will be made available to those who viewed the disturbing footage.

“There were some students who were more affected than others, and for some students we made sure that there was quite intensive psychological support in place,” she said.

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