Mrs Hinch fan transforms her rusty stools using FOIL and hot water and they look brand new

A MRS Hinch fan has shared her incredible tip to get her stools sparkling again – just using hot water and some tin foil. 

After her metallic chairs became rusty Jade Bohin decided to try out a hack she saw online to try and revive them, and was blown away with the results. 

She shared a snap of her trendy bar stools, featuring white seats, which had sadly become discoloured with rust. 

Rather than fork out for a new pair, she decided to scrub them down with what she had in the kitchen cupboard – tin foil. 

She boiled the kettle and used hot water to transform them, and they look like new. 

Jade shared incredible before-and-after snaps to Facebook group Mrs hinch cleaning tips new, where she said: “Tin foil and hot water, give it a scrub and the rust will drip off.”

And revealing exactly how she got them to sparkle again, she said: “Where the rust was bad it took a bit of extra scrubbing but was well worth it.

“Get a bowl of hot water and then dip the tin foil in it and then scrub.

“And wipe clean after to remove any dirt / rust dripping off.

“Smooth or scrunched makes no difference.

“Seen it somewhere ages ago and didn’t believe it so I thought I’d give it a go and it worked!”

People were in awe over her simple tip, with one person commenting: “Tomato sauce to helps.”

While another recommended: “Vinegar removes rust, especially when used with tin foil.”

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