POST ARCHIVE FACTION's 3.1 Release Is a Defiant Mix of Conventional and Experimental Wares

Possibly one of the most exciting South Korea brands around at the moment, POST ARCHIVE FACTION recently released its latest 3.1 release. Focused on a unique spectrum of clothing, PAF offers conservative conventional “RIGHT,” “CENTER” and experimental “LEFT.” For 3.1, the label put together a distinct mix of conventional and experimental releases for the season.

Outerwear leads the set of offering with the 3.1 DOWN RIGHT providing a striking warmer option for the colder weather, while the 3.1 TECHNICAL JACKET RIGHT is a lighter cover-up with a unique curved zipper closure. Moving on we have a delivery of the 3.0 HOODIE LEFT featuring an exclusive for HBX centered around a black base and red entanglements that line the hood. Rounding up the concise release are the cinching detail 3.1 TECHNICAL PANTS RIGHT, extended 3.1 SCARF LEFT and the subtly decorated 3.1 CAP RIGHT.

Check out the POST ARCHIVE FACTION’s latest 3.1 release above and shop the wares now at HBX.

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