UFO sighting: 6-mile alien base discovered on Mercury crater – ‘That’s huge’

Alien life advocates believe they have found eagerly-anticipated proof of extraterrestrials in the solar system. But these controversial claims are all the remarkable, as the alleged UFO base is said to have been found on arguably the least hospitable planet of them all – Mercury.

The smallest planet in our solar system and nearest to the Sun, Mercury is only slightly larger than Earth’s Moon.

The structure is in the centre of a crater and has two long legs on each side of its square body.

Scott Waring

US space agency NASA said in a statement: “Daytime Temperatures can reach 430C (800F) and drop to -180C (-290F) at night.

“It is unlikely life (as we know it) could survive on this planet.”

But apparently undeterred by these facts, UFO hunter Scott Waring believes he has spotted an ‘alien base’ on the distant planet.

Detailed images beamed-back by NASA robotic spacecraft Messenger purport to show bizarre anomalies in one of Mercury’s crater.

Wearing took to his UFO Sightings Daily blog to speculate widely about his latest dubious discovery.

He said: “I found another structure on Mercury today.

“The structure is in the centre of a crater and has two long legs on each side of its square body.

“It has a dark circle on its top which is probably a window allowing light to enter.

“But they are tinted because maybe the species likes it a bit dark.

“The map’s ruler suggests this building is about [6 miles] 10km across. That’s huge.

“But the fact it has legs is making me think that aliens use nature as their guide for innovations.”

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Waring is a notorious evangelist of intelligent alien life conspiracy theories and hoaxes.

His UFO Sightings Daily blog frequently trawls through archive space footage and photographs to expose what he hopes is evidence of ET.

Only yesterday, he claimed he had found an apparent archway next to a crater on Mercury.

However, closer inspection shows that ‘discovery’ is obviously a comet or asteroid impact.

Waring’s claims are instead explained by an anthropomorphic effect known as ‘pareidolia’.

Pareidolia is the human brain’s tendency to accidentally recognise shapes and patterns where they do not exist.

NASA said: “Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognisable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or otherwise unrelated objects or data.

“There are many examples of this phenomenon on Earth and in space.”

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