Hannah and Collin Gosselin Look Grown Up and Happy on Family Vacation

Earlier this summer, Collin Gosselin missed celebrating the Fourth with the family.

But in August, he was happy to tag along with Jon, Colleen, and Hannah for a family vacation.

Colleen Conrad posted some sweet photos from a family trip.

“A quick, short but amazing and also needed quick vacation!” her caption begins.

She adds: “Love my family and our friends in Ponte Vedra!!!”

Colleen’s longtime boyfriend, Jon Gosselin, shared the same photos on his Instagram Story.

Notably, the family had braved not only COVID-19 but the horrors of Florida summer weather to vacation together.

We suppose that they must have really, really needed it. (We’ll get into why in a moment)

Fans were delighted at the photos, but they were particularly happy to see Collin.

As we mentioned earlier, Collin was not actually part of the family’s trip to Atlantic City back in early July.

He had made other plans at the time and Jon and Colleen respected that because they are, get this, decent human beings.

We’re going to get a little sappy for a moment because it fills our very beings with joy to see Collin as a part of this loving family unit.

He gets to make choices. He is treated like a person. And in photos, he looks so happy.

That he used this past Mother’s Day to give Colleen a public shoutout for being there for him as she has … anyone else’s allergies acting up? I must have dust in my eyes.

We are absolutely not ignoring Hannah’s presence in this photo.

Hannah is growing up before our eyes. She is a beautiful young woman and we are so thrilled that she has a chance at happiness.

We grieve for the tensions between these two siblings and the rest, but we’re glad that these two, at least, can breathe free air.

We mentioned that we would explain why the family is likely feeling the need to “get away” a little more than some others.

Believe it or not, this has nothing to do with Kate, or reality TV fame, or Jon’s fairly recent interviews about his life and his family.

This has to do with Jon’s job and with Colleen.

Colleen is a registered nurse. Jon works IT support for a hospital. Both are vital jobs for saving lives.

During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the two have been more than just essential workers — they have been on the metaphorical front lines.

The two have taken multiple precautions every day as work puts them at risk for exposure to this deadly virus every day.

Colleen was so serious about keeping her and Jon’s family safe that she purchased a tent when this started.

Her plan? To self-isolate if she tested positive for COVID in order to avoid spreading it to anyone else. As a nurse, she knows that staying in her bedroom wouldn’t be enough.

That is just one of many examples of the ways in which this beautiful family shows their love for each other with their actions, rather than simply with words.

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