Kailyn Lowry: I Nearly Got an Abortion While I Was Pregnant With Creed

Earlier this month, Kailyn Lowry welcomed her fourth child.

While this was obviously a joyous occasion in the life of the Teen Mom 2 star, it also signaled the start of a very difficult time for Kailyn.

Lowry got pregnant by Chris Lopez, who has proved to be less than ideal in the co-parenting department.

Not only has he been negligent toward his first child with Kail, Lowry was forced to get a restraining order against Chris following a domestic altercation.

So perhaps it's not surprising that Kail considered getting an abortion when she first learned she was pregnant.

Now, she's speaking out about that painful time in her life for the first time.

Take a look:

1.Pain Behind the Smile

2.Bundle of Joy

3.A Major Decision

4.A Tough Time

5.Change of Heart

6.Bad Baby Daddy

7.A False Impression

8.No Father Figure

9.Imagining the Future

10.The Depths of Despair

11.More Lopezes

12.Going Through With It

13.Going Public

14.Anticipating Criticism

15.A Complex Process

16.Much to Consider

17.Lending Support

18.A Source of Hope

19.Not the Easy Thing, the Right Thing

20.A Strong Support Network

21.Hurdles Ahead

22.Here We Go Again

23.Kailyn with Chris

24.Never Easy

25.Worth the Effort

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