Dog the Bounty Hunter teams up with dog trainer to teach pups to ‘smell COVID-19’

DOG The Bounty Hunter has teamed up with a dog trainer, telling fans that they are planning to train puppies to seek out COVID-19.

The reality TV star has partnered with his friend Micah McCreary to offer K9 training including search and rescue, but revealed that they are also working with Penn State to "start training our dogs to smell COVID."

He said: "But first you need your dog obedience trained, he may need to save your life, or someone else's life – a search and rescue dog – so if you want them trained right, by professionals, call Micah Mccreary."

The Penn Vet Working Dog Center at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine is currently working on studies to find out if dogs can sniff out COVID in humans; trials have so far looked promising.

Dog – real name Duane Chapman – owns several dogs himself, including Lola the pitbull, and has been helping others to stay safe against the worldwide pandemic by selling face masks.

Duane, 67, has been selling face masks for his fans to protect themselves from the coronavirus pandemic.

His publicity team took to Instagram to flaunt the fact that it took only 48 hours for their first supply of the masks to be sold out on the website.

Along with a picture of the face mask designed with a pair of handcuffs on them, the team wrote: "Our first order of facemasks sold out in 48 hours!"

The face masks have been made with cargo designs and floral fabric.

Dog's face masks come a few months after he told The Sun that coronavirus had been predicted in the Bible and that prayer would be the way to end it.

Dog said that as well as staying in to protect others, people needed to "band together in prayer."

He said: "I don't want to sound like a Jesus freak but it is in the Bible, it says it's coming: pestilence, diseases, famine in the land of plenty and what the Bible says about how we get out of it is that we need to all band together in prayer."

"And no matter what religion you are from Muslim to Hare Krishna, Pentecostal to Baptist – we all worship one God.

"And if we all come together and make an hour of prayer across the world – it would be so powerful.

"I think that would work to beat this thing – that's what the whole world needs right now."


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