The Walking Dead: World Beyond boss left ‘heaving’ when he saw ‘disgusting’ new zombies falling apart from rot

THE Walking Dead: World Beyond looks set to feature some of the franchise's goriest scenes to date.

The spin-off series is set to drop later this year and offer a coming-of-age take on AMC's successful zombie title.

However, the young teens who set out from their guarded community in search of adventure are set to encounter some truly horrific scenes.

Speaking at the ComicCon@Home panel this weekend, showrunner and executive producer Matt Negrete explained that since the show is set 10 years into the apocalypse, the walkers have had plenty of time to rot.

"It's interesting, because we're now 10 years after everything fell apart and so with that is 10 years of decay," he explained.

"I'm a big fan of disgusting walkers and I have this thing, I don't know whether you guys have heard of it – it's like, trypophobia, where it's a fear of holes in nature," he went on.

"I almost dry-heaved, because it had holes in its cheek."

If it leaves a zombie maestro like Negrete retching, we can't help but wonder what kinf of affect it'll have on viewers…

He signed off: "It's so disgusting. It's a quick moment in the show, but it's so great. Anything that sort of maximises ultimate disgust, we're doing it."

The comments come after The Walking Dead: World Beyond announced how it would crossober with the main series, namely the rescue of Rick Grimes.

We also got a first look at the plot of the season premiere, which is set to track a community haunted by all manner of dark flashbacks.

In other news, Samantha Morton, famed for playing the leader of The Whisperers Alpha, revealed how she was branded "difficult" for refusing to perform graphic sex scenes at the tender age of 16.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond will premiere on Sunday, October 4 on AMC in the US and will air on Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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