The Walking Dead creator revives axed comic series with new Negan spin-off adventure

THE Walking Dead creator has revived his axed comic series with a new Negan spin-off adventure.

Robert Kirkman shocked fans last year when he brought The Walking Dead comics – which have been adapted into the hit TV series – to a sudden end.

But much to their delight, Robert has decided to revisit the post-apocalyptic zombie world and one of its villains, Negan.

Negan – played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the show – was the leader of the Saviors and in the most recent season of the hit AMC show, he killed the leader of the Whisperers, Alpha.

Speaking about why he decided to revisit the character in the new comic, Robert told Entertainment Weekly: "When this pandemic hit, there was a lot of talk behind-the-scenes about how we could help comic shops by driving people back into stores.

"Independently-owned retail stores are getting hit pretty hard these days. During these talks, there was a lot of 'Well, maybe you could bring back The Walking Dead.'

"I was very reluctant because Charlie [Adlard, Walking Dead artist] and I are very happy with how we capped off that series and it has only been a year.

"But they put a bug in my ear, and Negan is still there in my head, he’s still waiting for an opportunity to come out and shine."

Robert explained how the comic will hopefully help raise money for comic book stores in such trying times.

He continued: "Once the thought was put into my head, then Negan kind of took over.

"I was able to talk Charlie into doing a brief Negan story that we’re pretty happy with and hope people will enjoy and we’re sending that out to stores for free.

"The stores will charge for it but all the revenue generated by the book will go to the stores."

Robert previously revealed how working with the show's writers actually helped make his comics better before he brought them to an end.

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