Boris won’t be bullied by the elite – his civil service shake-up is good news – The Sun

GOVERNMENT bureaucracy constantly tied to the status quo.

An overwhelming desire for our most powerful civil servants to find a way to cheat the public out of the Brexit we voted for in a once in a lifetime referendum.

Today that nonsense comes to an end.

The civil service blob, as Dominic Cummings has referred to it, is rightly changing. “A hard rain,” as he put it last week, is on its way.

You will read a lot of nonsense over the next few days about the departure of the cabinet secretary Mark Sedwill meaning the civil service is under attack by Boris Johnson. That’s not the case.

And make no mistake the prime minister’s shake-up at Westminster is good news.

The chances of a post-Brexit economic revolution have now greatly improved.

Michael Gove was exactly right in his major speech over the weekend where he challenged “group think” from the “metropolitan” elite in the civil service who have become “estranged” from ordinary folk.

Nowhere was that more clear than the way the civil service tried every step of the way to stop Brexit happening at all. If Theresa May had stayed PM, they probably would have succeeded.

As the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster put it, "every arm of government seemed estranged from the majority”.

We can’t forget that.

Referring to the 32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Gove added: “FDR asked his Government to remember the Forgotten Man. In the 2016 referendum those who had been too often forgotten asked to be remembered.”

This is a government which, thank God, is not forgetting the people who just elected them in a landslide in December.

This is a Prime Minister who, against all odds, does not let the London liberal media elite bully him into sacking his most important advisers or talk him out of sticking to his untrendy policies.

I back his complete overhaul of the civil service – including the hiring of Brexiteers in senior roles – for that reason.

He has five years to level up the inequalities in our country.

It’s crucial every part of government is on board with that mission, which was so overwhelmingly backed by the British people.

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