Outlander quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for your home pub quiz

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Lockdown may be easing now but pubs remain closed for the time being a part of the fight to stop the spread of coronavirus. To help get through this tough period, many people have been doing virtual pub quizzes. Express.co.uk has put together a handy little list of questions and answers for a round in your own Zoom quiz.

Outlander quiz questions

1. What does Sassanach mean?

2. How does Captain Black Jack Randall die?

3. Who is Brianna Fraser named after?

4. Who wrote the Outlander novels?


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5. Who is the mother of Jamie Fraser’s love child William?

6. How many Outlander novels have been published so far?

7. Who was the governor of Ardsmuir Prison while Jamie Fraser was incarcerated?

8. What is the name of Jamie Fraser’s home in Scotland?

9. Where did Frank and Claire live in America?

10. What is the Fraser family motto?

11. Which university did Frank Randall teach at in America?

12. Who is Jamie’s second wife?

13. Which year does Claire Fraser travel to when she first goes through the stones?

14. How many years were Claire and Jamie Fraser separated for?

15. Where did Frank and Claire go on their second honeymoon?

Outlander quiz answers

1. An English person or foreigner

2. He’s killed by Jamie Fraser at the Battle of Culloden

3. Jamie Fraser’s father Brian

4. Diana Gabaldon

5. Geneva Dunsany

6. Eight

7. Lord John Grey

8. Lallybroch


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9. Boston, Massachusetts

10. Je suis prest – or I am ready

11. Harvard

12. Laoghaire MacKenzie

13. 1743

14. 20 years

15. Inverness, Scotland

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