5 things to do today: Watch a film on iconic chairs, build a terrarium and more

1. WATCH: A film on iconic chairs


Learn about the history of iconic chairs in the film Chair Times, made available by Swiss family-owned furniture and design company Vitra.

You might even spot some designs you have at home, such as the ubiquitous shell chair by famed American designers Charles and Ray Eames.

One might wonder how chairs alone can warrant a 90-minute documentary. But Vitra’s chairman, Emeritus Rolf Fehlbaum, who speaks to a roster of experts including architects, designers and collectors in the film, believes chairs are a portrait of the times. He says: “We are able to perceive and comprehend an era – its social organisation, its materials and technology, its aesthetic tastes – by observing its chairs.”

The film is in German with English subtitles.

Info: Watch film Chair Times

2. PLAY: Make slime


Relieve stress by making slime, which fans say is soothing to poke, mould, squish and stretch.

Two teenagers, who make slime for sale, demonstrate some basic techniques.

Mix glue, facial wash and contact lens solution for a basic slime, which you can decorate with glitter, rainbow sprinkles or foam beads.

Scent it with food-inspired smells such as chocolate, milk candy, and melon and cucumber.

Info: Teenager makes up to $7,000 a month selling slime

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3. LOOK BACK: Singapore’s Malaysia Cup victories


On this day in 1977, Singapore won the Malaysia Cup for the first time since the nation’s independence 12 years earlier, beating Penang 3-2 at the Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur.

Striker Quah Kim Song clinched the match for Singapore in the 15th minute of extra time with a dramatic diving header. His son, actor Leon Quah, recreated the winning goal in the 2008 film Kallang Roar.

Info: Read about Singapore’s triumphs in the Malaysia Cup or watch Kallang Roar.

4. BUILD: A terrarium


No green fingers? No problem.

Learn more about plants and gardening from Gardens by the Bay’s online initiative, #StayHomeWithGB.

Transform empty eggshells into adorable, zero-waste planters or repurpose an old glass jar into a terrarium, which you can decorate with trinkets from home.

If you are keen to expand your plant collection, there are short videos on how to choose and care for common house plants, including the fittonia albivenis or nerve plant, as well as the popular monstera adansonii or Swiss cheese plant.

Info: #StayHomeWithGB

5. WORK OUT: Shape Singapore’s exercise sessions


Keep fit with Shape Singapore’s Instagram live workouts, featuring fitness instructors and personalities such as Denise Keller and Jaime Teo.

Previous instalments included pilates, barre, boxing and high-intensity interval training (Hiit), as well as slower-paced yin and post-natal yoga.

Tune in to a dance Hiit session at 6pm today with Shape Fit Girl 2019 finalist Ng Hui Ru (above) or choose from past workouts on Shape Singapore’s IGTV tab. Each workout lasts 30 to 45 minutes.

Info: Shape Singapore Instagram

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